Knightmare's final AFL phantom draft: Who goes where?

With the AFL draft just around the corner, every fan wants to know who their team is going to pick up. AFL draft expert Christopher Doerre - aka Knightmare - may have the answers.

As well as attending live games during the season, Doerre pores through match vision, analyses the stats and talks to industry sources to ensure he can offer the most insightful analysis.

This is his final update after his initial phantom draft in October.

1 Essendon - Andrew McGrath

Height, weight: 179cm, 75kg

Summary profile: At his best when he is running with ball in hand and providing overlap run off half-back. McGrath is excellent through the midfield as a ball winner.

2 GWS - Tim Taranto

Height, weight: 186cm, 82kg

Summary profile: Damaging forward who finds inside 50m targets or can play deep and be a marking target himself. He is also very capable through the midfield as a ball winner.

3 Brisbane - Hugh McCluggage

Height, weight: 185cm, 75kg

Summary profile: High-production forward and midfielder who is freakish at ground level. Precise finisher in front of goal and is just as good hitting forward 50m targets.

4 Gold Coast - Ben Ainsworth

Height, weight: 179cm, 74kg

Summary profile: High leaping forward with vice-like hands overhead who plays taller than his height. Can also push through the midfield and have an impact.

5 GWS - Will Setterfield - after Carlton bid

Height, weight: 190cm, 80kg

Summary profile: Tall, classy midfielder who wins a high volume of contested ball and tackles strongly. Strong overhead and someone hits forward 50m targets regularly from stoppages.

6 Carlton - Sam Petrevski-Seton

Height, weight: 181cm, 76kg

Summary profile: Midfielder who is at his best when taking on the game using his acceleration, sidestep and evasiveness. Capable ball winner who is freakishly clean and uses it well on both sides.

7 Gold Coast - Griffin Logue

Height, weight: 193cm, 92kg

Summary profile: Athletic and powerful key defender. May at his size and with his athleticism and ground-ball winning be able to develop into a big-bodied midfielder.

8 Gold Coast - Jack Bowes (Gold Coast Academy) - after Fremantle bid.

Height, weight: 187cm, 78kg

Summary profile: Precise ball user who wins the ball through the midfield. Bowes is also capable of pushing forward and hitting the scoreboard.

9 Fremantle - Jy Simpkin

Height, weight: 181cm, 71kg

Summary profile: Forward with composure who hits forward 50m targets and provides heavy scoreboard impact. Has good acceleration and possible scope to develop into a midfielder.

10 Sydney - Oliver Florent

Height, weight: 183cm, 74kg

Summary profile: Composed forward who moves well through traffic and displays acceleration. Can also push up onto the wings and find the footy.

11 Gold Coast - Jack Scrimshaw

Height, weight: 193cm, 80kg

Summary profile: Evasive, smooth-moving tall utility. Good intercept mark behind the ball and does damage by foot over long distance.

12 North Melbourne - Will Brodie

Height, weight: 189cm, 82kg

Summary profile: Strong contested-ball winning midfielder with good acceleration. Brodie has performed best in the big games against strong competition.

13 West Coast - Jarrod Berry

Height, weight: 191cm, 80kg

Summary profile: Line breaker with the capacity to play back, through the midfield or up forward. Has been noted for leadership qualities.

14 GWS - Harry Perryman (GWS Academy) - after Adelaide bid

Height, weight: 184cm, 75kg

Summary profile: Smart footballer who wins contested ball, is strong overhead and uses it well. Can also play back or forward to a strong standard as required.

15 Adelaide - Jordan Gallucci

Height, weight: 183cm, 75kg

Summary profile: Midfielder with breakaway speed who kicks with both sides. Can play midfield, forward and back.

16 Port Adelaide - Tim English

Height, weight: 203cm, 86kg

Summary profile: Mobile ruckman with excellent endurance. High volume accumulator and elite ball user who is developing rapidly.

17 Brisbane - Alex Witherden

Height, weight: 184cm, 78kg

Summary profile: Damaging kick off half-back and has composure with ball in hand. Has possible scope to develop through the midfield.

18 Port Adelaide - Will Hayward

Height, weight: 186cm, 76kg

Summary profile: Strong-marking forward who does his best work close to goal and provides heavy scoreboard impact.

19 Western Bulldogs - Todd Marshall

Height, weight: 198cm, 87kg

Summary profile: Talented key forward with substantial scope to improve. Very quick and agile. Freakish at ground level for someone of his height.

20 Sydney - Tom Stewart

Height, weight: 190cm, 90kg

Summary profile: Mature-age key defender who plays well both ways. Beats direct opponent, takes intercept marks and hits his targets.

21 Essendon - Jack Graham

Height, weight: 183cm, 83kg

Summary profile: Strong-bodied contested-ball winner who won the Larke Medal for best player during the AFL Under-18 Championships.

22 GWS - Isaac Cumming (GWS Academy) - after Brisbane bid

Height, weight: 183cm, 72kg

Summary profile: Back flanker who provides run out of the back half. He is clean, composed, makes good decisions, generally hitting a target.

23 Brisbane - Daniel Venables

Height, weight: 186cm, 81kg

Summary profile: Explosive forward who does damage with ball in hand. Plays an aggressive style of game and has the scope in the future to develop into a midfielder.

24 Brisbane - Jordan Ridley

Height, weight: 192cm, 79kg

Summary profile: Has played forward, back and midfield this season. Skilled, athletic type who does his best work on the outside.

25 St Kilda - Sam Powell-Pepper

Height, weight: 186cm, 83kg

Summary profile: Powerful ball winner who impacts games with just a few touches. Looks most damaging off half-forward but has capacity to play through the midfield in the future.

26 Geelong - Joshua Battle

Height, weight: 192cm, 90kg

Summary profile: Forward who is strong overhead and clean at ground level. He has excellent endurance and uses the ball precisely.

27 Carlton - Cedric Cox

Height, weight: 184cm, 70kg

Summary profile: Outside linebreaker with good skills who provides high impact per possession.

28 Western Bulldogs - Brennan Cox

Height, weight: 194cm, 90kg

Summary profile: Athletic key position player who was named as an Under-18 All-Australian key defender. Strong in the contest and provides run.

29 Richmond - Elliott Himmelberg

Height, weight: 196cm, 84kg

Summary profile: Athletic key position player with the scope to play either end. Brother of GWS' Harrison.

30 Collingwood - Shai Bolton

Height, weight: 177cm, 67kg

Summary profile: Creative and damaging one-touch forward. Has striking acceleration and evasiveness. Impacts the scoreboard heavily.

31 Essendon - Luke Ryan

Height, weight: 185cm, 87kg

Summary profile: Intercept marking threat down back who provides meaningful rebound by foot and makes good decisions from the back half.

32 Gold Coast - Brad Scheer (Gold Coast Academy) - after Port Adelaide bid

Height, weight: 184cm, 83kg

Summary profile: Strong-bodied midfielder who does his best work at stoppages winning the contested ball. Can also push forward and present a marking threat.

33 GWS - Kobe Mutch (GWS Academy) - after West Coast bid

Height, weight: 184cm, 79kg

Summary profile: High production midfielder who runs all day. Clean ball user and can win contested ball and runs both ways.

34 Port Adelaide - Dylan Clarke

Height, weight: 187cm, 85kg

Summary profile: Strong-bodied ball winning midfielder who does his best work at stoppages. Has excellent endurance and distributes well by hand.

35 Gold Coast - Josh Williams (Gold Coast Academy) - after Port Adelaide bid

Height, weight: 189cm, 69kg

Summary profile: Line breaking outside runner with excellent acceleration.

36 Port Adelaide - Brandan Parfitt

Height, weight: 179cm, 78kg

Summary profile: Hardnosed midfielder who brings enormous energy and intensity to the contest. Takes on the game at speed and dances around opposition players.

37 North Melbourne - Jack Maibaum

Height, weight: 193cm, 90kg

Summary profile: Athletic key defender who shuts down opposition key forwards. Was named an Under-18 All-Australian during the Under-18 Championships.

38 North Melbourne - Ben Davis

Height, weight: 187cm, 84kg

Summary profile: Powerful marking forward with size, smarts and strong one-on-one ability. Younger brother of Sydney's Abe.

39 West Coast - Josh Rotham

Height, weight: 192cm, 79kg

Summary profile: Athletic backman who may in the future develop the capacity to run through midfield. Can break the lines and uses the ball well out of defence.

40 Fremantle - Joe Atley

Height, weight: 186cm, 84kg

Summary profile: Contested-ball winning midfielder who does his best work at the coal face but can also push forward. Brother of North Melbourne's Shaun.

41 GWS - Harrison Macreadie (GWS Academy) - after St Kilda bid

Height, weight: 196cm, 89kg

Summary profile: Athletic key defender who provides run from the back half. He uses the ball cleanly and demonstrates composure with ball in hand.

42 St Kilda - Willem Drew

Height, weight: 188cm, 78kg

Summary profile: Aggressive and impactful ball winner and tackler who does his best work at the coalface.

43 Geelong - Sam Walker

Height, weight: 187cm, 80kg

Summary profile: Intercept-marking backman with clean skills who made this year's AFL Under-18 All-Australian team.

44 Fremantle - Pat Kerr

Height, weight: 194cm, 93kg

Summary profile: Strong-marking key forward who impressed during Under-18 Championships with Under-18 All-Australian selection.

45 Collingwood - Callum Brown (Collingwood father-son) - after Essendon bid

Height, weight: 177cm, 69kg

Summary profile: Midfielder who plays with hardness and is able to push forward. Son of Gavin.

46 Essendon - Jonty Scharenberg

Height, weight: 186cm, 80kg

Summary profile: Strong ball winner through the midfield who generally uses the ball reliably by foot. Jonty is the younger brother of Collingwood's Matthew.

47 Collingwood - Josh Daicos (Collingwood father-son) - after Geelong bid

Height, weight: 178cm, 69kg

Summary profile: Skillful forward with composure and evasiveness. Son of Peter.

48 GWS - Zachary Sproule (GWS Academy) - after Geelong bid

Height, weight: 197cm, 84kg

Summary profile: Promising endurance athlete with good skills. Has the scope to play as a key forward, key defender or up on a wing.

49 Geelong - Harry Morrison

Height, weight: 182cm, 73kg

Summary profile: Clean ball user off half-back who displays composure with ball in hand. He also provides run and intercepts well.

50 Adelaide - Oscar McInerney

Height, weight: 203cm, 100kg

Summary profile: Mature-age tap ruckman with athleticism who follows up well.

51 Brisbane - Declan Watson (Brisbane Academy) - after Sydney bid

Height, weight: 194cm, 80kg

Summary profile: Highly productive key defender who zones off well and always feels involved.

52 Sydney - Bailey Morrish

Height, weight: 186cm, 76kg

Summary profile: Clean ball user off half-back who provides run and carry.

53 Melbourne - Oliver Hanrahan

Height, weight: 183cm, 74kg

Summary profile: Forward who can push up the ground. He is a damaging ball user who provides run.

54 Carlton - Zac Fisher

Height, weight: 175cm, 61kg

Summary profile: Strong contested-ball winner with complete game. Excellent decision-maker who is very clean and precise by hand and foot.

55 West Coast - Jake Waterman (West Coast father-son) - after Sydney bid

Height, weight: 191cm, 82kg

Summary profile: Plays up forward and through the midfield. Production has been strong. Strong overhead, wins own ball and offers strong scoreboard impact.

56 Sydney - Sam McLarty

Height, weight: 193cm, 92kg

Summary profile: Powerful, marking key position player who has shown proficiency at both ends.

57 Western Bulldogs - Ben Long

Height, weight: 183cm, 71kg

Summary profile: Has shown promise both down back and as a forward. Capable shutdown player down back who finishes well up forward.

58 Adelaide - Patrick Lipinski

Height, weight: 188cm, 79kg

Summary profile: Athletic forward who can also push up through the midfield. High leaper who moves well.

59 Richmond - Joshua Begley

Height, weight: 187cm, 93kg

Summary profile: Strong-marking forward who can also push through the midfield and win his own ball. Provides heavy scoreboard impact when used forward of centre.

60 Brisbane - Jacob Allison (Brisbane Academy) - after St Kilda bid

Height, weight: 194cm, 79kg

Summary profile: Athletic, tall utility who breaks the lines, is a strong mark overhead and has a 60m kick. He does his best work providing run on the outside.

61 St Kilda - Tyson Stengle

Height, weight: 171cm, 69kg

Summary profile: Crumbing forward who hits the scoreboard and heaps on the pressure inside the forward 50m.

62 Collingwood - Ryan Garthwaite (GWS Academy)

Height, weight: 192cm, 84kg

Summary profile: Smart intercept marking key defender who reads the flight well and is strong in the one-on-one contests. Can play tall or small as needed.

63 Carlton - Myles Poholke

Height, weight: 184cm, 84kg

Summary profile: Strong-marking forward who also can play through the midfield and win the contested ball.

64 Geelong - Cameron Zurhaar

Height, weight: 188cm, 79kg

Summary profile: Powerful, athletic type who has the versatility to play forward or back. Looks best suited providing run off half-back.

65 Collingwood - Lachlan Tiziani (GWS Academy)

Height, weight: 189cm, 82kg

Summary profile: Forward who had big back end to the TAC Cup season with a TAC Cup-best 32 goals in his last nine games. Tiziani is athletic, a good finisher and has ability overhead and at ground level.

66 Carlton - Kym LeBois

Height, weight: 175cm, 66kg

Summary profile: Evasive small forward with tricks and hurt factor.

67 Adelaide - Liam Baker

Height, weight: 174cm, 67kg

Summary profile: Strong contested-ball winning midfielder who is clean, composed and uses both sides well.

68 Essendon - Oscar Junker

Height, weight: 193cm, 84kg

Summary profile: Strong-marking utility who can play forward, back or through the midfield.

69 Melbourne - Esava Ratugolea

Height, weight: 194cm, 95kg

Summary profile: Raw, athletic key forward who has a crack. He contesting every marking contest, at least bringing the ball to ground and commits to winning the ground balls.

70 Carlton - Mitch McCarthy

Height, weight: 196cm, 87kg

Summary profile: Athletic key position player who can pinch-hit through the ruck. He moves well and makes sound decisions with ball in hand.

71 Fremantle - Mitch Hinge

Height, weight: 187cm, 82kg

Summary profile: Composed, late bloomer who is a clean ball user with evasiveness and cleanness at ground level. Looks good off half-back.

72 Geelong - Taylin Duman

Height, weight: 193cm, 75kg

Summary profile: Tall utility with endurance and clean skills.

73 Geelong - Jack Henry

Height, weight: 191cm, 83kg

Summary profile: Athletic forward who is a strong mark overhead. Has the versatility to push up the ground and makes sound decisions with ball in hand.

74 Western Bulldogs - Robbie Fox

Height, weight: 187cm, 87kg

Summary profile: Versatile mature-ager who has transition from the back half in 2015 up though the midfield and up on the wings. Provides run.

75 Fremantle - Rowan Marshall

Height, weight: 201cm, 97kg

Summary profile: Highly regarded mature-age ruckman who competes well in the ruck, tackles strongly and provides a target forward of centre.

76 Richmond - Jye Bolton

Height, weight: 183cm, 80kg

Summary profile: The ex-Collingwood rookie has broken out this season upon moving to Western Australia to join Claremont. He won the Sandover Medal and starred through the midfield.

77 Port Adelaide - Brett Eddy

Height, weight: 194cm, 89kg

Summary profile: Mature-age key forward who kicked 74 goals from 20 SANFL League games. Ready to play right away. Difficult matchup who time and time again finds a way to get out the back for easy goals.

78 North Melbourne - Juhdan Dundon

Height, weight: 186cm, 77kg

Summary profile: Left footer who plays wing and half forward. He uses the ball well on the outside and can hit the scoreboard.

79 Hawthorn - Matt Guelfi

Height, weight: 184cm, 78kg

Summary profile: Ball-winning midfielder who can win the ball at stoppages and also find plenty of the ball on the outside.

80 Adelaide - Ben Jarman (Adelaide father-son)

Height, weight: 175cm, 68kg

Summary profile: Clean, skilful midfielder and forward. Son of Darren. In the mix late for Adelaide, but having not been nominated by the Crows or Hawthorn, could end up anywhere.

81 Hawthorn - Liam Ryan

Height, weight: 184cm, 76kg

Summary profile: High leaping forward who has taken several hangers this year. Ryan has kicked 40 goals from 16 games in the WAFL as a mature-age prospect.

82 Geelong - Tom Williamson

Height, weight: 188cm, 79kg

Summary profile: Athletic running back flanker who tested well across the board at the draft combine.

83 Sydney - Sean Darcy

Height, weight: 201cm, 113kg

Summary profile: Big bodied tap ruckman who uses enjoys creating body contact at ruck contests and plays with a physical edge.