Falcons, Saints stand together before MNF.

Before the game on Monday night, the Falcons and Saints meet on the field to stand together as a sign of unity.


Freeman's touchdown gives Falcons the lead.

Matt Ryan finds Devonta Freeman out of the backfield, and he beats the Saints defender to the end zone for a 13-yard touchdown to give the Falcons a 14-7 lead.


Coleman plunges in for two-yard score.

Tevin Coleman takes the handoff and gets in the endzone for the Falcons to even up the score at 7-7 against the Saints.


Falcons capitalise on Saints' special teams blunder.

The Saints muff the punt return and the Falcons jump on the fumble in the first quarter.


Fleener catches TD to open scoring for Saints.

Drew Brees finds Coby Fleener for the two-yard touchdown pass to give the Saints a 7-0 lead over the Falcons.


If New Orleans beats Atlanta tonight there would be a four-way tie in the NFC South at 1-2. The Panthers and Bucs already are 1-2. Feel like 2014?

David Newton, ESPN Staff Writer

AFL vs. NRL: Which code is best?

As we look forward to both the NRL and AFL grand finals, Brett Kimmorley and Jude Bolton engage in a light-hearted debate as to which is the better code.


2014 still burns for Buddy.

Swans star Lance Franklin says part of the motivation to win on Sunday will be to right the wrongs of 2014 when the side last played a Grand Final only to lose to the Hawks.


Highlights: Burnley 2-0 Watford.

Burnley have upset Watford 2-nil to end the Hornet's season turnaround.


Jose Fernandez honored with emotional tribute.

In an emotional tribute before Monday's game between the Mets and Marlins, several of Jose Fernandez's teammates circle the mound while "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" plays at Marlins Park.


Deeply emotional Le Batard says Fernandez was a symbol for so many.

An emotional Dan Le Batard explains why Jose Fernandez was a symbol to so many and says Fernandez was the only player that Le Batard's mother wanted to see at the ballpark.


Here is the view inside Marlins Park as the team prepares to play its first game following the passing of pitcher Jose Fernandez. The first pitch against the Mets is at 7:10pm ET.

James Walker, ESPN Staff Writer

Australian Andrew Bogut said he's learned about social issues related to recent national anthem protests during his years in the NBA. "Being around obviously a lot of African-American teammates, I've kind of been more and more educated about it throughout my career. In the same sense, it's hard for me. America's been a place that's let me live my dream and play NBA basketball at the highest level, make a boatload of money doing what I love doing. I understand from the African-American point of view, my teammates' point of view, if they didn't want to stand and [chose to] be a part of that kind of protest. At the same time, I'm thankful. America's provided a lot for me, so it's a tough one for me [because] I'm very supportive of my teammates."

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Curry opens up about Charlotte protests.

Steph Curry talks about the protests in his hometown of Charlotte and the national conversation Colin Kaepernick started.


LeBron admits fearing for his son's life.

LeBron James reveals how the recent police shootings have affected him personally and how fearful he has become for the safety of his children.


Clark: 'Broncos are built to beat the Patriots'

Ryan Clark joins First Take and is puzzled to why critics think the Patriots are the team to beat when the Broncos are not only the defending champions, but also have the premiere secondary in the NFL.


Stephen A. Smith is ashamed of the Steelers.

Stephen A. Smith thinks the Steelers performance against the Eagles was embarrassing and looks to coach Mike Tomlin for answers.


Highlights: Burnley 2-0 Watford.

Burnley have upset Watford 2-nil to end the Hornet's season turnaround.


Heat getting closure after 'impossible situation' with Bosh.

Brian Windhorst says the Heat were in an "impossible situation" with Chris Bosh and the organization had to move on after he was diagnosed with a second blood clot and failed a physical.


Le Batard says something bad happened between Bosh and Heat.

Dan Le Batard analyzes Chris Bosh's strained relationship between the Heat and Pat Riley after Riley came out and said Bosh won't play next season in Miami.


Paul Pierce on why he returned for a 19th season: "My main reason for coming back was this group. ... I think this group is talented enough to win a championship. I want to help them get over the hump."

Jovan Buha, ESPN Editor

Paul Pierce: "I wanted one more shot to win a championship with this group and for the Los Angeles Clippers. That would be monumental."

Arash Markazi, ESPN Senior Writer

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