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Follow live: Red Sox get to Keuchel early in Game 3

Boston has gotten on the board against Houston's 2015 AL Cy Young winner, who owns a career 9.15 ERA against the Red Sox.

John Glaser/USA Today Sports

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We dare you not to walk Alex Bregman

Is the Astros third baseman so scary in October he's getting the Barry Bonds treatment from opposing teams? Or is he just that patient at the plate?

Role players help power Astros' emergence as powerhouse

George Springer, Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman get the attention, but the role players behind them take Houston's attack to the next level.

Creation of the Brewers


How the dominant Brewers bullpen came together

Assembling the right group of relievers to march through the postseason often takes some trial and error -- and a lot of luck. Just ask Craig Counsell.

How an 0-for-45 slump shaped Craig Counsell's managerial career

When it became clear that Counsell's best days were past him, a series of events turned the former Brewer into the perfect managerial fit.

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Breaking down bullpenning

  • AP Photo/Ed Reinke
  • A brief history of bullpenning

    The weird thing the A's did Wednesday with wild-card game "opener" Liam Hendriks -- and what the Brewers plan to do Thursday -- actually isn't all that weird.