Edo-Ball The Art of Basketball


Edo-Ball is a series of 32 artworks inspired by basketball, Japan, NBA and culture. Each artwork is created from scratch and has a unique story behind it. Beautiful basketball art presented as museum quality prints on archival paper.

""Edo" ("江戸"), the former name for modern-day Tokyo, and "Ball" (球) are the names I've chosen to represent my two passions, Japanese art and basketball. This collection of work is a melting pot of culture and people, east and west all wrapped into a series of detailed artworks. Each artwork has a story behind it and draws inspiration from Japanese mythology, players' nicknames and basketball pop culture and lore," artist Andrew Archer explains.

"The series started in 2013 with two personal artworks I created, The Rock & The Ghost. The first season of Edo Ball included 12 original artworks and was very popular with fans of the game and culture. Over time the series has grown and now has includes 3 full seasons and 32 original artworks with expanded stories.

"I have been an illustrator & art director for over 10 years with a true passion for basketball, art and culture. I was born in Auckland, New Zealand and grew up playing pick up basketball at the local courts. Basketball has given me so much and led me to my love of culture and art. Every time we played at the street ball court I would look around and see so many people playing from every background imaginable. We all were from different religions, countries and often spoke different languages but always came together for the love of the game.

"I moved to Asia in my mid twenties for 3 years and the situation never changed. I played pick up basketball with people all over Asia. On rooftop's in Hong Kong, under bridges in Bangkok and on cracked courts in the middle of Cambodia. Often I couldn't speak a word of the local language but the people always welcomed you to the game. It was like family no matter where you went.

"This series is my tribute to the game."

Exclusive Edo-Ball film will premiere on ESPN 9am, Friday May, 31.