AFL Draft: ESPN's two-round phantom draft

Did the Pies have the worst trade period ... ever?! (16:45)

In dissecting the winners and losers from the 2020 AFL trade and free agency period, the Footytips team discuss Collingwood's sticky situation. (16:45)

With the trade period behind us, all eyes turn to the AFL draft on December 7. ESPN's draft expert Chris Doerre analyses all the talent and the clubs' needs to predict the first two rounds.

1. Western Bulldogs - Jamarra Ugle-Hagan (Western Bulldogs Next-Generation Academy - matching Adelaide's bid)
Height, Weight: 194cm, 84kg
Profile: Ugle-Hagan is unstoppable when launching at the football aerially, timing his jumps to perfection, leaping high and protecting the ball drop in the air so he can't be spoiled. Ugle-Hagan is the most unstoppable inside 50 threat that we've seen for his age and has the most diverse number of ways of taking advantage of opposition defenders.

2. Adelaide - Riley Thilthorpe
Height, Weight: 200cm, 99kg
Profile: Featuring in the 'bests' in five of nine matches in the SANFL, Thilthorpe has the performances on the board against senior SANFL opposition. Thilthorpe combines a strong overhead mark with ground level craft and incredible acceleration and athleticism for someone his height and size.

3. North Melbourne - Logan McDonald
Height, Weight: 196cm, 85kg
Profile: Leading the goalkicking for much of the year in the WAFL, McDonald secured a position in the WAFL Team of the Year. Combine his performances on the board with his meteoric rate of improvement and McDonald has the scope to become one of the premier key forwards in the competition.

4. Sydney - Denver Grainger-Barras
Height, Weight: 195cm, 78kg
Profile: This year's top key defender, Grainger-Barras is athletic and impressive both as a stopper and intercept mark. His game in the WAFL against Perth key forward Logan McDonald solidified his standing as one of the best in this draft pool - when moved onto McDonald in the third quarter he either won each one-on-one contest, spoiled or took the intercept mark when they were matched up.

5. Sydney - Braeden Campbell (Sydney Academy - matching Hawthorn's bid)
Height, Weight: 181cm, 72kg
Profile: The best kick in the pool, Campbell combines run and carry with ball in hand, contested ball-winning capabilities and aggressive tackles. Campbell, who is one of the most advanced prospects in the pool, possesses the versatility to play midfield, back or forward and was awarded player of the match during the Under-17 All-Star match in 2019.

6. Hawthorn - Elijah Hollands
Height, Weight: 188cm, 85kg
Profile: A talented forward and midfielder, Hollands is arguably the highest impact-per-possession player in the pool. His penetrating kick, aggressive run and carry, evasion and influence when used forward of centre as either a marking target or with his ground level craft, make him a weapon.

7. Port Adelaide - Lachlan Jones (Port Adelaide - Next-Generation Academy - matching Gold Coast's bid)
Height, Weight: 185cm, 88kg
Profile: Powerful, explosive, long-kicking defender who showed he can shut down opponents at SANFL league level. Jones is a Round 1-ready defender and in the future can develop into a midfielder with his power and contested ball-winning capabilities suggesting he could play through there and become among this draft's most influential.

8. Gold Coast - Will Phillips
Height, Weight: 180cm, 79kg
Profile: Phillips is the premier inside midfielder in this draft pool with his performances during the 2019 NAB League finals rivalling the top midfielders in last year's draft. He combines contested ball-winning with aggressive tackling, effective distribution by hand and explosive run to impact games.

9. Essendon - Tanner Bruhn
Height, Weight: 182cm, 73kg
Profile: Missing most of the 2019 season due to injury, Bruhn was the Under-16 Vic Country MVP in 2018 and has a strong history of junior performance. Bruhn is a smart midfielder who uses the ball effectively by hand and foot, hits the scoreboard and wins a high percentage of ball in contested situations.

10. Essendon - Zach Reid
Height, Weight: 202cm, 82kg
Profile: A versatile tall who, with his leap and excellent endurance, can play through the ruck but has to date played his best football in defence. Reid is one of the best kicks for someone over two metres we've seen, and has shown glimpses to suggest that he may develop one-on-one and as an interceptor.

11. Essendon - Archie Perkins
Height, Weight: 186cm, 77kg
Profile: Damaging utility who plays a high-impact-per-possession game. Perkins generates meaningful drive with ball in hand, taking on the game with his run and carry. He lowers his eyes and hits inside 50 targets and provides a potent marking target inside 50.

12. Adelaide - Brayden Cook
Height, Weight: 189cm, 80kg
Profile: A draft bolter who has broken out this year after growing 7cm over the past 12 months, Cook possesses the versatility to play forward, back or on a wing. Averaging two goals per game in the SANFL Under 18s, Cook is an effective finisher around goal and an athletic forward who is a strong overhead mark and does his best work aerially.

13. GWS - Heath Chapman
Height, Weight: 193cm, 81kg
Profile: Tall intercepting defender with impressive rebounding capabilities. Chapman is a precise kick, strong intercept mark and an excellent athlete for someone his height with his endurance, mobility and leap all features.

14. North Melbourne - Finlay Macrae
Height, Weight: 184cm, 75kg
Profile: Younger brother of Western Bulldogs star Jack Macrae, Finlay plays stylistically a near identical game with the main difference being that he's not as tall. A classy midfielder, he displays rare evasion and composure with ball in hand while possessing the capacity to play either inside or outside.

15. Fremantle - Nik Cox
Height, Weight: 199cm, 82kg
Profile: Athletic and versatile enough to play key forward, key defence or on a wing, Cox is unique tall with high upside. Cox is an elite endurance runner with impressive skills and decision making, a strong overhead mark and good ground level craft.

16. GWS - Oliver Henry
Height, Weight: 188cm, 76kg
Profile: Younger brother of Geelong's Jack Henry, Oliver Henry is a medium marking type with the capabilities to play either forward or in defence. Oliver is impressive aerially and is effective both behind the ball as an intercept mark or up forward with his work on the lead.

17. Collingwood - Jack Carroll
Height, Weight: 188cm, 79kg
Profile: One of the youngest in this draft pool, Carroll is a classy midfielder who has transitioned from more of an outside midfielder or back flanker previously into a genuine inside midfielder. Carroll has improved rapidly this year, developing a potent contested side to his game, and winning a high percentage of ball in contested situations, mixing that with agility, evasion and effective ball use.

18. Greater Western Sydney - Nathan O'Driscoll
Height, Weight: 187cm, 76kg
Profile: Playing WAFL League football this year for Perth, O'Driscoll has shown the capacity to play inside, outside or on a back flank. O'Driscoll attacks the ball aggressively, tackles to hurt, demonstrates a high work rate, provides outside run and carry and has a penetrating kick.

19. Collingwood - Bailey Laurie
Height, Weight: 178cm, 76kg
Profile: With impressive speed, agility and evasion, Laurie impacts games as a small forward who can push through the midfield for periods. While his movement stands out, he lowers his eyes and finds inside 50m targets by foot, is an excellent front-and-centre crumber and provides second and third tackle efforts.

20. Collingwood - Reef McInnes (Collingwood Next-Generation Academy - matching Richmond's bid)
Height, Weight: 192cm, 84kg
Profile: Despite playing predominantly in defence in 2019, McInnes is an intriguing prospect as a tall midfielder who can also impact games forward of centre. With a December birthday and limited midfield opportunity in 2019 for a loaded Oakleigh side, he possesses substantial scope to improve, possessing a desirable mix of speed, agility, ball-winning and overhead marking.

21. Richmond - Tom Powell
Height, Weight: 180cm, 73kg
Profile: A prolific ball-winning midfielder, Powell won the McCallum Tomkins Medal as the best player in the SANFL Under-18s. Powell is one of this draft's most productive and elite stoppage players with his contested ball-winning and distribution by hand his standout features.

22. Sydney - Errol Gulden (Sydney Academy - matching Melbourne's bid)
Height, Weight: 171cm, 71kg
Profile: A small outside midfielder and forward, Gulden is one of the better performed in this pool. A precise kick by foot, especially going inside 50m, along with his one-touch pickups, speed, agility, crumbing and scoreboard impact.

23. Melbourne - Sam Berry
Height, Weight: 181cm, 83kg
Profile: Winning a high proportion of the ball in contested situations, Berry plays with aggression and tackles strongly. He balances the aggression with acceleration out of stoppages, reliable distribution by hand, composure with ball in hand and precise kick placement out in front of leading inside 50m targets.

24. Melbourne - Isiah Winder
Height, Weight: 180cm, 79kg
Profile: An athletic utility, Winder tested strongly at the WA draft combine across the board. While super athletic with his speed and leap in particular exceptional, Winder combines this with strong hands overhead, one-touch ground level skills and excellent composure and placement of kicks out in front of inside 50m targets to lead onto.

25. Fremantle - Brandon Walker (Fremantle - Next-Generation Academy - matching Greater Western Sydney's bid)
Height, Weight: 184cm, 75kg
Profile: Damaging with ball in hand, Walker plays with an explosive power to his game and generates meaningful drive off half-back. Walker routinely takes on the game bursting away and providing meaningful run and carry, sidestepping, evading and fending-off opponents, he also possesses a penetrating kick and often takes high flying intercept marks.

26. GWS - Jake Bowey
Height, Weight: 175cm, 66kg
Profile: Bowey is a small with the versatility to play midfield, forward or back. He shows composure with ball in hand, provides run and carry, sidesteps opponents with ease and has impressive speed, agility, evasion and ground ball winning capabilities.

27. St Kilda - Zavier Maher
Height, Weight: 184cm, 83kg
Profile: Maher is a damaging midfielder who plays a high-impact-per-possession game. While he doesn't find as much of the ball as many predicted to go before him, he can win his own ball and displays a high work rate, bursts away at speed with ball in hand and lowers his eyes and hits inside 50 targets by foot.

28. Adelaide - Corey Durdin
Height, Weight: 172cm, 74kg
Profile: Speedy, small goalkicking forward with SANFL League performances behind him. Durdin's forward pressure, ground level craft, run-and-dare and ball use make him one of the most Round 1-ready prospects in the pool.

29. Adelaide - Caleb Poulter
Height, Weight: 191cm, 77kg
Profile: Poulter is a rapidly developing tall midfielder who plays a high-impact-per-possession game and is highly productive. His long kick, explosive speed and strong overhead marking are features of his game and while the hope is he will develop into a tall midfielder, he can also impact games forward of centre.

30. Essendon - Cody Brand (Essendon Next-Generation Academy - matching Hawthorn's bid)
Height, Weight: 195cm, 85kg
Profile: Brand is a shutdown key defender who blends a mix of one-on-one strength with good athleticism. He's also versatile; in one game last year he played forward and kicked three goals.

31. Hawthorn - Max Heath
Height, Weight: 202cm, 89kg
Profile: A project ruckman who spent most of 2019 playing APS Football for Xavier College and has just one NAB League game behind. He has risen up draft boards this year on the back of rapid preseason improvement, so much so that despite the NAB League not going ahead, many recruiters believe Heath may be this year's best ruck prospect.

32. Hawthorn - Connor Downie (Hawthorn - Next-Generation Academy - matching Brisbane's bid)
Height, Weight: 185cm, 83kg
Profile: Doing his best work on the outside, Downie is one of the most damaging footballers in this draft. He is a damaging 55m kick and combines that with a desirable mix of agility, evasion and line-breaking speed.

33. Brisbane - Zac Dumesny
Height, Weight: 187cm, 80kg
Profile: Versatile outside midfielder who got a taste for SANFL League competition with six senior games. Dumesny is a composed and reliable ball user, a strong overhead mark and reads the game well.

34. Gold Coast - Eddie Ford
Height, Weight: 188cm, 79kg
Profile: An athletic utility, Ford has the scope to play forward, midfield or in defence. Possessing an impressive vertical leap, Ford is an aerial marking threat and combines this with agility, evasion, class and composure with ball in hand.

35. Fremantle - Joel Western (Fremantle - Next-Generation Academy - matching Melbourne's bid)
Height, Weight: 172cm, 68kg
Profile: A small midfielder with impressive acceleration and burst out of stoppages. Western is highly productive and his play has a distinctively clean, silky and instinctive feel.

36. Melbourne - Matt Allison
Height, Weight: 192cm, 80kg
Profile: Allison is a strong-marking tall forward who reads the ball well in flight and possesses excellent endurance. Matt is the son of Coburg VFA Team of the Century player, Brian Allison.

37. GWS - Nick Stevens
Height, Weight: 192cm, 84kg
Profile: Stevens is a tall rebounding defender possessing a promising mix of speed and endurance, a penetrating kick and strong ball-winning capabilities. With the contested side to his game solid, in addition to his athletic profile, Stevens possesses future midfield potential.

38. Brisbane - Blake Coleman (Brisbane - Academy - matching North Melbourne's bid)
Height, Weight: 181cm, 79kg
Profile: The younger brother of Brisbane's Keidean Coleman, Blake displays similar potential as a speedy, pressure forward, though is arguable more advanced at the same age. Blake plays a lively style of game and exerts his influence with his forward pressure and tackling but combines this with classy, one-touch pickups off the deck and impressive skills by hand and foot.

39. North Melbourne - Zane Trew
Height, Weight: 187cm, 78kg
Profile: Ball-winning midfielder who does his best work inside. Trew is a strong midfielder who wins contested ball, demonstrates composure in traffic, dishes out effectively by hand and is a strong tackler.

40. Essendon - Josh Eyre (Essendon - Next-Generation Academy - matching Richmond's bid)
Height, Weight: 198cm, 85kg
Profile: A late-blooming key forward who has grown 4cm this year, Eyre is an impressive speed/endurance athlete and high leaper. A strong mark who is an impressive threat aerially, Eyre remains a project player at this stage and is someone, had the season gone ahead, we may be talking about as going even earlier.\ in the draft.

41. Richmond - Kaine Baldwin
Height, Weight: 193cm, 92kg
Profile: Suffering a second season-ending ACL, Baldwin is one of the most exciting players in this year's draft and if not for the second knee injury may have been in the top-10 draft mix. Dominating in the Under 16s, Baldwin has proven he is a strong marking force and damaging close to goal.

42. Gold Coast - Fraser Rosman
Height, Weight: 193cm, 81kg
Profile: A freak athlete at his height, Rosman is an elite speed/endurance athlete achieving 5:52 minutes in the 2km time trial, two seconds off Jay Rantall's draft combine record set last year, while also placing in the top 10 in the 20 metre sprint. Rosman gives recruiters the option either to develop him as a tall wing or key forward.

43. Richmond - Maurice Rioli Jnr (Richmond - Father-Son - matching Carlton's bid)
Height, Weight: 179cm, 75kg
Profile: Son of Indigenous Team of the Century midfielder, Maurice Rioli, Rioli Jnr is arguably the premier pressure forward in this draft with the second and third tackle efforts he applies. Rioli Jnr possesses excellent speed, agility, ground level craft and is an instinctive finisher around goal with an impressive mind to body connection.

44. Adelaide - Tariek Newchurch (Adelaide - Next-Generation Academy - matching Carlton's bid)
Height, Weight: 182cm, 77kg
Profile: Newchurch is a crumbing forward with speed, agility and X-factor. Newchurch does his best work at ground level as a one-touch forward and is a damaging ball user both hitting targets but also finishing around goal.

45. Carlton - Conor Stone
Height, Weight: 188cm, 81kg
Profile: Stone is a medium forward who kicked five goals on debut last year for Oakleigh. He does his best work on the lead inside 50 and enjoys taking on opponents with his run and carry.

46. Adelaide - Luke Edwards (Adelaide - Father-Son - matching North Melbourne's bid)
Height, Weight: 188cm, 83kg
Profile: Earning a SANFL League debut, Luke, son of Tyson, possesses reliable skills and is a capable accumulator and ball-winner. His ball use off half-back has been a strength for a few years now while he has also shown the capability to push up through the midfield.

47. North Melbourne - Harry Sharp
Height, Weight: 184cm, 70kg
Profile: A former junior Australian steeplechase champion, Sharp smashed the AFL Draft Combine 2km time trial record with a 5:28. With a December birthday, Sharp is a young endurance beast who is hoping to develop on a wing and has earned praise for his work ethic and professionalism.

48. Adelaide - Max Holmes
Height, Weight: 189cm, 74kg
Profile: The son of Commonwealth gold medallist and Olympic bronze medallist Lee Naylor, Holmes is an impressive all-around athlete with scintillating speed. He is raw, having played just the one game for Sandringham last year in the NAB League, but the belief within the industry is had the season gone ahead, he would have improved significantly.

What teams without picks inside the first or second round may do with their first selections:

Geelong: Henry Walsh
Height, Weight: 202cm, 86kg
Profile: The younger brother of Carlton's Sam is a raw, long-term prospect. Developing as a ruckman, Walsh shows promise in glimpses and will be looking to become a more frequently influential player in the future.

West Coast: Shannon Neale
Height, Weight: 202cm, 91kg
Profile: Athletic ruckman who has shifted his focus from athletics to football this season. With an excellent leap, endurance and good skills for someone his height, while Neale is still early stages in his development, he has developed rapidly which suggests significant upside for the future.

Gold Coast pre-draft selections:

Alex Davies (Gold Coast - Academy)
Height, Weight: 192cm, 85kg
Profile: Davies is a tall ball-winning midfielder who represented Queensland as a basketballer at Under 16 level and if not for Gold Coast's opportunity to add talent straight from their Academy as pre-draft selections, may have been a first round choice. With strong contested ball-winning capabilities, Davies is a strong tackler, possesses impressive evading capabilities and is effective with his distribution by hand.

Joel Jeffrey (Gold Coast - Northern Territory Zone)
Height, Weight: 192cm, 80kg
Profile: Jeffrey is another player who qualifies to be pre-drafted by the Suns, with Gold Coast having first access to Northern Territory talent this year. Jeffrey, who was in the top 15 mix, is an aerial marking threat with his high leap, strong mark and is an influential player at either end of the field who creates separation with ease as a forward and in defence dances around opponents evasively and generates meaningful drive.

Brodie Lake (Gold Coast - Northern Territory Zone)
Height, Weight: 185cm, 79kg
Profile: Starring at the draft combine, Lake impressed in the speed and agility. While eligible to join Gold Coast pre-draft as a Northern Territory talent, Lake this year played SANFL Under 18s for Central Districts where he impressed through the midfield with explosiveness and ball-winning capabilities.