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Footy's weird quirks we've accepted as normal (2:35)

After Geelong coach Chris Scott tripped over a fan, the ESPN Footy Podcast team discusses what 'footyisms' would seem strange to people watching for the first time. (2:35)

This week on a bumper podcast, the team discusses whether it's appropriate for the AFL to send a case to the tribunal and recommend a suspension as it's done in the David Mackay case. Christian Joly from Champion Data addresses David King's viral moment on AFL 360, and runs us through some debut stats records after Jai Newcombe's impressive first outing, and we also ask what's unique but strange to our game that we've come to accept as normal.

That and more -- including our final analysis of the bye teams -- in another massive episode!

Join Matt Walsh, Jake Michaels and Champion Data's Christian Joly as they talk all things footy and stats on the ESPN Footy Podcast.