Round Table: Does Danger need a flag to be an all-time great?

Footy is back! Our experts debate all the hot topics and burning questions ahead of Round 2.

Will Patrick Dangerfield's legacy be tainted without a flag?

Niall Seewang: Of course not. He's due to play his 250th game against the Hawks on Saturday and is undoubtedly one of the best players of his generation. The lack of a premiership will no doubt burn in his guts if he never reaches the ultimate team success, but the whole 'you need a flag to be considered an AFL great' narrative is just illogical - does that mean Tony Lockett, Gary Ablett Snr. and Nathan Buckley, to name just three, aren't greats of the game?

Jake Michaels: Absolutely not, and for the record, I really DESPISE this argument that a player is only as good as his team's accomplishments. It's nonsense. Dangerfield is one of the game's all-time great players and he has certainly done his job since moving to the Cats in 2016. A premiership would certainly be nice, and cap off a stunning career, but his legacy won't (or at least shouldn't) be tainted if he fails to land one.

Matt Walsh: I don't think it'll be tainted, but it'll be a shame. Regardless, he'll go down as one of the greats never to have won one - think Ablett senior, Nathan Buckley, Robert Harvey. Time is running out, too ... it's his 250th this week, he maybe has two or three years left to win one!

How should the AFL react to any possible on-field activism?

NS: With open arms. The AFL has stated its regret at its handling of the Adam Goodes saga so hopefully the league - and its clubs, the media and supporters - have matured and learnt from that experience. As we've seen around the world, there is an important message to be heard and the AFL industry should accept and even applaud any athletes who chose to make a public statement.

JM: Since the tragic death of George Floyd, the world has seen some truly inspiring protests and rallies against the mistreatment of minority groups. I sincerely hope we see it continuing into the AFL with players of all backgrounds uniting against racism. Let's hope the AFL not only allows these protests to play out, but also stands behind its players. After all, the message of racial equality is far more important than sports - now and forever.

MW: I think the AFL will read the room on this one, and so long as any protests or activism doesn't affect play or the on-field action, they'll let the players use their voice. After all, they're members of society, and some, like Chad Wingard, deserve the right to raise awareness about racism and police brutality in Australia.

Which team will be under the most pressure after Round 2?

NS: St Kilda. They were the biggest losers of Round 1 when they somehow turned victory into defeat against North Melbourne and I'm tipping them to be 0-2 after Sunday's clash against the Bulldogs, which will be a worrying start to the shortened season. The Saints, under a new coach, recruited a bunch of big-name signings in the offseason, so there will be pressure on them to improve considerably after last year's 14th-placed finish. After the Dogs, they face Collingwood and Richmond in the following fortnight.

JM: When the Hawks defeat the Cats at GMHBA Stadium, it will mean Geelong has lost four of its last five games all eyes will be on Chris Scott. By the club's lofty standards, they have underperformed in recent years -- despite winning the minor premiership in 2019 -- and an 0-2 start to the season will have them seriously on the back foot, even if they have a heap of home games to start the season. With an ageing list, the Cats must capitalise now.

MW: It'll be either the Saints or the Bulldogs - whichever loses their clash on the weekend. The Saints, under the leadership of new coach Brett Ratten, have been predicting a rise up into finals for many years, while the Dogs list should only be getting better as it matures. Both sides at 0-1, and from 0-2 in a 17-game season, it's going to be tough to make finals.

Which Big Freeze 6 costume was the best?

NS: I loved Patrick Cripps and the Blues taking the piss out of the AFLX competition, with the Carlton captain dressed up in his 'Rampage' uniform and even holding the trophy from the league's now-defunct project competition. But I must admit, Toby Greene as 'Karate Kid' takes the cake. Most fans love to hate him but the fact he can laugh at himself in such a good natured way would have won even the most hardened critic over. Honorable mentions too, to Ben Brown's 'Sideshow Bob' outfit and Tom Rockliff's Kochie impersonation.

JM: There were some absolute crackers, and well done to everyone who took part, but my best on ground was Orazio Fantasia. Not only did he don the suit, the Channel 7 lapel pin and a Brian Taylor moustache, but the Bombers forward absolutely nailed BT's ever-excitable accent!

MW: I'm a massive fan of The Simpsons, so seeing Ben Brown pull out the Sideshow Bob routine, complete with prison attire and comically large knife, was great. Special mention to Christian Petracca as Happy Gilmore though. Fair to say the players stepped up big time in the absence of doing it live.