AFL Draft: Top 20 prospects for 2020

New AFL players are put under the microscope (1:08)

Players answer some light-hearted questions after being picked in the 2019 AFL draft. (1:08)

The 2019 AFL Draft has been run and done but it's never too early to look at next year's crop. draft expert Chris Doerre casts his eye over the country's best talent ahead of the 2020 draft, listing his top 20 in alphabetical order.

Kaine Baldwin

The strong-marking key forward missed 2019 due to a ruptured ACL. Baldwin takes advantage of opponents one-on-one and is so strong aerially. He is a high leaper and possesses the speed to create separation on the lead. South Australian recruiters who have watched a lot of him in years past are adamant he is the best key forward in the class.

Sam Berry

A well-rounded midfielder, Berry combines ball winning, speed and skill. He plays with power, often winning first possession at stoppages. Berry distributes effectively by hand and often accelerates out of stoppages at high speed. He's a sweet kick on his left and displays composure with ball in hand and places his kicks out in front of targets.

Tanner Bruhn

Missing much of 2018 due to a knee injury, Bruhn is a classy midfielder who uses the ball well on his left side and displays evasion, agility, speed and composure with ball in hand. Claiming the Under-16 Vic Country MVP in 2018, Bruhn was named among Geelong Falcons' best players in each of his two games and will be looking to get through the whole season in 2020.

Jackson Callow

A strong-marking key forward, Callow has an advanced body and is a force to be reckoned with forward of centre. He's a strong mark overhead, takes one-on-one grabs, uses his body and size masterfully and is a superb reader of the ball in flight. Callow keeps his feet, is clean at ground level, has good agility and often turns his opponents inside out.

Braeden Campbell (Sydney Academy)

With a strong all-around game, Campbell is one of the draft's most advanced juniors. He wins his own ball, tackles aggressively, has the strength to stand up through tackles and hurt the opposition with his left foot and run. Campbell won the best on ground medal in the Grand Final curtain-raiser after kicking three goals. Campbell may be best suited playing as a small forward, though is more than capable of pushing up through the midfield.

Sam Collins

General defender who takes intercept marks at will. One-on-one, leaping at the ball, Collins is one of the best readers of the drop of the ball and intercept marks in defence. He combines his overhead prowess with clean ground ball-winning and reliable kicking. While Collins plays his best football in defence, he has the capabilities to push through the midfield and win his own ball.

Alex Davies (Gold Coast Academy)

Comparisons have been made to Scott Pendlebury as a 190cm midfielder who was an elite junior basketball prospect. Davies is a strong contested ball-winner and excellent distributor by hand who weaves through traffic. His work at ground level is excellent, he displays composure with ball in hand, makes sound decisions and possesses clean skills.

Luke Edwards (Adelaide father-son)

The son of Adelaide premiership player Tyson, Luke Edwards is a high-volume accumulator through the midfield who possesses the versatility to provide a rebounding option across half-back. Edwards is a strong ball-winner who demonstrates class and composure with ball in hand, distributes effectively and behind the ball intercepts and reads the play reliably.

Jack Ginnivan

Ginnivan is one of the premier ball users of the 2020 draft crop. He places kicks precisely out in front of targets to lead onto and when he has ball in hand there is a sense he will make something happen. Ginnivan draws high free kicks at will, is clean at ground level, shows football smarts and is dangerous around goal.

Errol Gulden (Sydney Academy)

A small, classy, high production midfielder and forward with one of the most advanced games in the draft. His one-touch pickups at ground level on the move are freakish. Gulden is fast and possesses impressive speed and agility. He reads the play and gets to the right spots, finishes around goal and has the class and precision kick to hit targets by foot inside 50m.

Elijah Hollands

Dominant through the midfield or as a forward, Hollands is a classy but damaging ball user with a penetrating kick who displays composure under pressure and makes quick and sound decisions with ball in hand. He moves the ball on quickly, takes ground balls on the move at speed and demonstrates impressive agility and evasion, avoids tackles in traffic and enjoys a long goal. A pick No. 1 contender and rare talent who can break games open.

Finlay Macrae

Younger brother of Western Bulldogs star Jack Macrae, Finlay plays just like his brother though arguably has an even more advanced game than Jack did at the same age. Finlay is a clean and reliable ball winner who demonstrates composure while showcasing an explosive sidestep and the dare to take on the man on the mark. He lowers his eyes, places kicks out in front of targets inside 50m and hits them cleanly. Macrae firms as one of the first midfielders taken.

Reef McInnes (Collingwood Next-Generation Academy)

A tall midfielder at 191cm, McInnes will be hoping for greater midfield opportunities for Oakleigh in 2020 after spending most of the year in defence due to their sheer depth of quality midfielders. McInnes when used through the midfield is a strong contested ball-winner who wins the ball cleanly off the bounce, has agility, demonstrates composure with the ball, and has quick and clean hands. The bonus with Reef is he also has the versatility to push forward and provide a marking option.

Nathan O'Driscoll

Arguably Western Australia's best midfield prospect, O'Driscoll is one of the most advanced midfielders in the draft class. O'Driscoll has a real presence to him both in the way he attacks the ball and aggression with which he tackles. He tackles to hurt and takes much larger opponents to ground. O'Driscoll while best suited through the midfield has the capability to play in defence, win one-on-ones and take intercept marks.

Wil Parker

One of the best intercept marks in the pool, Parker is one of the premier readers of the ball in flight. Leaping at the ball and in general play he takes intercept marks at will. Parker is difficult to beat one-on-one, is excellent at ground level, evasive, classy with ball in hand and provides meaningful drive from defence by foot. His kicks are placed precisely and out in front of targets to lead onto.

Archie Perkins

A strong-bodied medium forward, Perkins plays a high-impact-per-possession brand of football. He's a powerful contested ball winner, likes taking on the game with his speed and breaking the lines, hurts the opposition by foot, shows composure with ball in hand and is a strong mark one-on-one and aerially. Perkins is an advanced talent who will be looking to push up more through the midfield in 2020.

Will Phillips

Firming as one of the first midfielders taken, Phillips possesses one of the most advanced games in the pool. He shared the finals spotlight with Oakleigh teammates Matthew Rowell and Noah Anderson and looked their equal. Phillips routinely wins first possession at stoppages, bursts away at high speed and takes on the game aggressively with ball in hand. A ball-winner gifted with speed, agility and evasion who applies his athletic gifts in game as well as any.

Zane Trew

A prolific ball-winner, Trew does his best work at stoppages, winning his own ball and tackling aggressively. He is a classy ball user who displays composure in traffic and with ball in hand, vision and is precise with his ball use by hand and foot. While Trew only appeared during the first three rounds of the WAFL Colts last season, his final match including 40 disposals and 10 tackles is one of several hints to suggest Trew may be the best midfielder outside Victoria.

Riley Thilthorpe

Kicking eight goals from six games in the SANFL Under-18s and featuring among West Adelaide's bests in four of those, Riley Thilthorpe is a ruck sized key forward at 199cm and a top-five contender. Thilthorpe is an impressive athlete with excellent endurance, good speed and agility who possesses strong contested marking capabilities, is clean at ground level and is a prolific ball winner.

Jamarra Ugle-Hagan (Western Bulldogs Next-Generation Academy)

Having been compared to Lance Franklin, Ugle-Hagan plays like Buddy with hops. Ugle-Hagan flies for everything inside 50m and is a defender's nightmare. He not only impacts games aerially but creates separation on the lead, causes problems at ground level and hits the scoreboard heavily.

Ugle-Hagan looks like the next great key forward. A six-game streak including an average of four goals per game in the NAB League is a good glimpse into his capabilities.