Trade, free agency, draft: Your club's list needs

The premiership has been decided and now all things trades, free agency and drafting will dominate the AFL landscape.

Where should you club be looking in the upcoming offseason?

ESPN'S Chris Doerre has analysed the best fits and selections for all 18 clubs as the silly season gets underway.


List needs

1. General forward
2. Young key defender
3. Key forward

Draft picks: 4, 23, 28

Who should they target? With the club's first selection, Sam Flanders if chosen would add a missing ingredient to the club's front half as a powerful medium forward who can roll through the midfield.

With Daniel Talia and Kyle Hartigan aging and Alex Keath requesting a trade, local key defender Dyson Hilder if available later in the draft is developable and can add youth to the club's key defence stocks.

With Josh Jenkins also keen on a trade, if Fremantle are willing to negotiate a trade, Matt Taberner would add the strong marking presence close to goal and provide a logical replacement.


List needs

1. General defender
2. Key forward
3. Outside midfielder

Draft picks: 16, 21, 34, 44, 52, 88

Who should they target? Following the retirement of Luke Hodge, Grant Birchall -- if he can get his body right -- would be the optimal replacement in defence and if healthy is good enough to slot into Brisbane's best side at a low cost.

With a strong group of key position stocks who arguably are best suited to playing in defence, there is room for another key forward. Harrison Jones, a still lightly built key forward with tremendous scope to develop, is worth consideration with one of the club's first two selections.

Late in the draft, Sandringham overager Angus Hanrahan would represent value as an outside midfielder who from year one is good enough to contend for a best 22 position.


List needs

1. General forward
2. General defender
3. Outside midfielder

Draft picks: 9, 41, 46, 73, 82

Who should they target? With Carlton's having few small or medium forwards capable of complimenting their key forwards, Tom Papley looks like the man to fill that hole.

In defence, Lachlan Ash if available with his line-breaking capabilities and damaging kick, would make sense as an eventual successor to Kade Simpson.

Showing shades of prime Dale Thomas during his junior career, the untapped Jack Martin should be developed into a similarly speedy gut-running midfielder who makes pressure through the middle of the ground on opposition ball carriers his trademark.


List needs

1. Key defender
2. General forward
3. Key forward who can relieve through the ruck

Draft picks: 35, 53, 66, 71

Who should they target? Receiving only 11 senior games in 2019, Brisbane's Josh Walker is one of the competition's underrated key defenders after transitioning to defence in 2018. He can complement Darcy Moore and Jordan Roughead as part of Collingwood's best 22.

Walker's teammate Ben Keays who has earned only four games over the past two seasons, is a classy but underutilised forward/midfielder with the talent to earn a position in Collingwood's best side. Following the likely move of Jamie Elliott, Keays would be a worthwhile inclusion in the same trade.

Spending nine games in the NEAFL over the past two seasons, Peter Wright if available for the right price would be an ideal key forward to relieve Brodie Grundy through the ruck.


List needs

1. Big bodied ball-winning midfielder
2. Key defender
3. Ruckman

Draft picks: 31, 37, 49, 62, 67, 85

Who should they target? As a big bodied ball-winning midfielder, Sam Powell-Pepper is a missing ingredient and would be allowed greater responsibility as a ball winner through the midfield. Powell-Pepper is a must in any negotiations with Port Adelaide for Orazio Fantasia.

With aging key defence stocks, Ben McKay -- despite not establishing himself in North Melbourne's defence -- is untapped as a strong marking key defender and has the scope to fill one of Essendon's key defence posts long-term.

With Essendon's ruck stocks aging and Sam Draper the club's sole young ruckman, Nick Bryan would make sense as a long-term prospect through the draft in either the second or third round.


List needs

1. Second star midfielder
2. General forward
3. Outside midfielder

Draft picks: 7, 26, 80

Who should they target? With Tim Kelly voicing his desire to return home, Kelly needs to be the priority and would add much needed support to Nat Fyfe.

Next-Generation Academy medium forward Liam Henry will be a priority for the club to add through the draft.

With Brad Hill requesting a trade to St Kilda and Ed Langdon potentially also departing, Dylan Stephens would make sense if available with their first selection if they retain fit as a hard-running midfielder with good speed and ball-winning capabilities.


List needs

1. Ruckman
2. Key defender
3. Key forwards

Draft picks: 17, 36, 54, 90

Who should they target? With Geelong dropping Rhys Stanley for the preliminary final and playing without a recognised ruckman, Geelong should make an aggressive play for former Geelong Falcon Sean Darcy in any trade negotiations with Fremantle involving Tim Kelly.

If available with their first draft choice, Fischer McAsey is this year's most promising key defender and would help Geelong's key defence stocks with the futures of the aging Harry Taylor and Lachie Henderson unclear.

With Josh Jenkins earning only 11 senior games in 2019, he needs a new opportunity, and averaging two or more goals per game each of the past six seasons, he is an instant compliment to Tom Hawkins up forward.

Gold Coast

List needs

1. Veteran leadership
2. Midfield speed
3. General defender

Draft picks: 1, 2, 15, 20, 56, 75, 87

Who should they target? After missing out on Shaun Burgoyne, if Jarryd Roughead can be coaxed out of retirement, he would add much needed veteran leadership.

With Gold Coast's midfield mostly slow and one-paced, the addition of Matthew Rowell with pick No. 1 appears clear-cut as this year's premier ball winner.

With holes in their defence, the underutilised Jordan Ridley is worth making a play for as a well-rounded defender who can be offered a regular best 22 position and add to the club's young core.

Greater Western Sydney

List needs

1. Established ruckman
2. Young key defender
3. General forward

Draft picks: 12, 18, 55, 77, 91

Who should they target? With Shane Mumford and Dawson Simpson retiring, Sam Jacobs is an instant plug and play ruckman who can hold down the position for a couple of years as Kieran Briggs and Matthew Flynn develop.

GWS' key defence stocks is aging, so Academy talent Nicholas Murray (younger brother of delisted Pie Sam Murray) is worth using a late selection on as a developable key defender with the scope to be a long-term piece for the Giants.

With GWS scoring the lowest percentage of their scores from turnovers of all 18 teams, Paul Puopolo as a forward pressure specialist if added would improve their balance.


List needs

1. Key defender
2. Key forward
3. General defender

Draft picks: 11, 30, 47, 84, 89

Who should they target? With their key defence stocks aging, Hawthorn should make a bold play for Dougal Howard to solidify their defence long-term.

Following the retirement of Jarryd Roughead, Jon Patton if he can remain healthy is a capable go-to target inside 50m who can share the load with Jack Gunston and Luke Breust.

In terms of their first-round selection, Will Gould would be a perfect fit in Hawthorn's back half as a long kicking, strong bodied defender.


List needs

1. Outside speed
2. Rebounding defender
3. General forward

Draft picks: 3, 22, 40, 58, 76

Who should they target? Melbourne's midfield is slow, so Ed Langdon would add significant outside run and speed, improving the balance of the team.

With Trent McKenzie unable to establish himself for Port Adelaide, his penetrating kick would be a welcome addition to defence well and add a much-needed punch if available.

Considering Gold Coast received a priority pick, Melbourne will likely add Caleb Serong to improve their front half.

North Melbourne

List needs

1. General forward
2. Ruckman
3. General defender

Draft picks: 8, 27, 45, 70, 81

Who should they target? Sydney's Tom Papley has nominated Carlton as his preferred destination, so Dan Butler may find himself a new home at North and would provide much needed forward pressure and class through the front half.

As a potential successor to Todd Goldstein, this year's most highly rated ruckman Luke Jackson would be a successor to Goldstein and add to the club's thin and aging ruck stocks.

In the second round, Jeremy Sharp if available would offer significant excitement to the back half as a general defender who breaks the lines with his run and damaging kick.

Port Adelaide

List needs

1. General forward
2. Outside midfield
3. Key defender

Draft picks: 10, 29, 63, 64, 65, 68, 83

Who should they target? Orazio Fantasia would add significant firepower and must be an offseason priority.

Relegated to the VFL for four games, if a trade can be agreed upon, Sam Menegola would add significant run on a wing.

If Dougal Howard moves onto a new club, Sam Frost if he can be acquired from Melbourne can provide an adequate replacement.


List needs

1. Young general defender
2. Young key defender
3. Young outside midfielder

Draft picks: 19, 38, 39, 72, 74, 92

Who should they target? In defence, Lachlan Potter as a line-breaking defender has the pace if he develops to provide a potential successor to Bachar Houli with a late or rookie draft selection.

Continuing with the succession theme in defence, Sam De Koning (younger brother of Carlton's Tom) as a long-term key position prospect would make sense with the club's first selection, with a view to take over one of the key position posts once Alex Rance and David Astbury retire.

With Brandon Ellis likely to join Gold Coast, skilful Tasmanian Mitch O'Neill if available in the second round would represent strong value as a midfielder who earlier in the season was touted as a potential first round choice.

St Kilda

List needs

1. Outside midfield run
2. Speedy general defender
3. Key forward

Draft picks: 6, 57, 69, 79

Who should they target? To give St Kilda outside midfield run, Bradley Hill adds a dimension the club has missed on the outside.

For speed in defence, Zak Jones, if acquired, is another missing component who would will add further excitement.

To compliment Max King in the front half, the versatile Brodie Kemp as a key forward who rotates up through the midfield with his explosive pace could be the club's best opportunity to add another key forward. Like King in his draft year, Kemp this year has torn his ACL. Could the Saints make it two first picks in two years coming off ACLs?


List needs

1. General forward/midfielder
2. Midfield pace
3. Big bodied ball-winning midfielder

Draft picks: 5, 25, 42, 51, 59, 60, 78

Who should they target? Needing more potency up forward and through the midfield, Sam Flanders would fit Sydney's front half and give the Swans greater opportunity to play Isaac Heeney more often through the midfield.

For midfield pace, ex-West Coast midfielder Luke Partington, who won this year's Magarey Medal as the SANFL's best and fairest, would be a plug and play addition who likely can be selected late in the draft.

With Aiden Bonar unable to earn regular selection and Greater Western Sydney's midfield, he would ideally fit Sydney's list as an underutilised midfielder who can succeed Josh Kennedy.

West Coast

List needs

1. Star midfielder
2. Outside midfielder
3. General forward

Draft picks: 14, 24, 33, 61

Who should they target? West Coast's prime target as a team coming off last year's premiership needs to be Tim Kelly, who would add significant star power through the midfield and greatly improve the side's list.

To fill the club's outside midfield and general forward needs, ex-Collingwood rookie Jye Bolton and ex-Fremantle rookie Haiden Schloithe, both of whom have won Sandover Medals for the WAFL's fairest and best players, would assist West Coast's premiership bid. They are both plug-and-play options on a wing and up forward respectively.

Western Bulldogs

List needs

1. Key forward
2. Goalkicking general forward
3. Key defender

Draft picks: 13, 32, 43, 48, 50, 86

Who should they target? Josh Bruce would be a suitable compliment to Aaron Naughton as a key forward after he nominated the Dogs last week.

As a goalkicking general forward, Ben Sokol, the WAFL's leading goalkicker and winner of the Simpson Medal for best on ground in the WAFL Grand Final, is a perfect fit as a strong marking medium forward.

Meanwhile Alex Keath has requested a trade to the Dogs and would improve the club's defence and add to their intercepting capabilities.