Chris Doerre's final, full phantom draft

The waiting is finally over - this year's AFL Draft is upon us!

For the first time, the draft is a two-day event -- to be held on November 22 and 23 -- with live trading of picks available, adding an extra layer of intrigue and excitement.

Ahead of the opening round at Marvel Stadium, ESPN's AFL draft expert Chris Doerre has reached into his crystal ball to predict every pick and bid of this year's draft.

1. Carlton
Sam Walsh (VIC)
Height, Weight
: 183cm, 74kg
Summary Profile: The most highly touted midfielder in the draft class. His play is as advanced as any in an inside or outside role.

2. Gold Coast
Jack Lukosius (SA)
Height, Weight:
194cm, 85kg
Summary Profile: The next prototype key forward who covers the ground like Nick Riewoldt, sees the game unfold before it happens and hits impossible targets by foot like no key forward we have seen. A potential generational player.

3. Gold Coast
Izak Rankine (SA)
Height, Weight:
180cm, 76kg
Summary Profile: Possessing comparable talent to Andrew McLeod and Shaun Burgoyne, Rankine has the capacity to turn games like no one else in this draft. A season one-ready forward and midfielder with speed, skill, goal sense and ball-winning capabilities.

4. St Kilda
Max King (VIC)
Height, Weight:
202cm, 86kg
Summary Profile: As difficult to defend inside 50m as any junior key forward in recent years. Kicked eight goals and took nine marks (six contested) in his only game before tearing his ACL.

5. Sydney *matching Port Adelaide's bid
Nick Blakey (NSW - Sydney Academy)
Height, Weight:
195cm, 80kg
Summary Profile: Has missed a lot of time with a stress reaction in his ankle and a stress fracture in his back in 2017 and 2018 respectively. A rare talent with his athleticism, skills and ground level capabilities, Blakey can play any position.

6. Port Adelaide
Connor Rozee (SA)
Height, Weight:
185cm, 71kg
Summary Profile: Athletic utility who is likely begin his career as a pressure forward before pushing up through the midfield. Combines clean skills with aerial ability and ground level prowess.

7. Gold Coast
Ben King (VIC)
Height, Weight:
202cm, 85kg
Summary Profile: Versatile key position player capable as a marking forward or a key defender who stops his opponent, intercepts and rebounds. He is more versatile and effective up the ground than his twin Max, but the less dominant close to goal.

8. Western Bulldogs
Bailey Smith (VIC)
Height, Weight: 185cm, 82kg
Summary Profile: Arguably the best and most complete midfielder in the draft. Smith is not only a high production midfielder but also offers the best combination of contested ball-winning, reliable kicking and acceleration of this year's midfielders.

9. Adelaide
Jye Caldwell (VIC)
Height, Weight:
184cm, 78kg
Summary Profile: Caldwell has had limited exposure with just three TAC Cup matches due to hamstring troubles. He's a powerful ball-winning midfielder with a burst of speed.

10. Greater Western Sydney
Jordan Clark (WA)
Height, Weight:
182cm, 78kg
Summary Profile: Precise kicking half-back flanker who reads the ball in flight and takes intercept marks. Averaged better than 15 disposals and five marks in his five WAFL League performances.

11. Port Adelaide
Jackson Hately (SA)
Height, Weight:
190cm, 81kg
Summary Profile: Ready-to-go midfielder who is a consistent performer in the SANFL at League level. Balances contested ball-winning with outside accumulation and run.

12. Greater Western Sydney
Zak Butters (VIC)
Height, Weight:
181cm, 70kg
Summary Profile: Shoulder surgery has seen Butters miss the second half of the season. Possessing speed, agility and clean skills, Butters is a high-impact-per-possession midfielder who can push forward.

13. Geelong
Riley Collier-Dawkins (VIC)
Height, Weight:
193cm, 88kg
Summary Profile: First possession winner who gathers the ball on the move and bursts out of stoppages. Possesses rare speed, agility, skills and clean hands for someone his height.

14. North Melbourne *matching Adelaide's bid
Tarryn Thomas (TAS - North Melbourne Next Generation Academy)
Height, Weight:
189cm, 73kg
Summary Profile: Exceptional defensively with his tackling and smothering as impressive as any in this draft. A ball winner who hits the scoreboard and uses the ball efficiently.

15: Collingwood *matching Adelaide's bid
Isaac Quaynor (VIC - Collingwood Next Generation Academy)
Height, Weight:
182cm, 82kg
Summary Profile: Strongly built, ready-made lockdown defender. A powerful ground ball-winner who may in time push up through the midfield.

16. Adelaide
Chayce Jones (TAS)
Height, Weight:
180cm, 74kg
Summary Profile: A tireless ball winner and accumulator who runs all day. Has been one of Launceston's best players in six of his seven State League appearances.

17. Fremantle
Ian Hill (WA)
Height, Weight:
175cm, 76kg
Summary Profile: Explosive and damaging line-breaker. One of this year's most exciting with ball in hand.

18. Port Adelaide
Xavier Duursma (VIC)
Height, Weight:
185cm, 71kg
Summary Profile: One of the rare midfielders who plays an inside or outside midfield role to a high standard. A speedy, smooth moving midfielder with clean skills and ball-winning capabilities.

19. Adelaide
Ned McHenry (VIC)
Height, Weight:
176cm, 71kg
Summary Profile: McHenry is this year's premier forward pressure specialist, leading the Under-18 Championships in tackles and pressure acts as a small forward. An elite endurance athlete who can also push up the wings.

20. Richmond
Liam Stocker (VIC)
Height, Weight:
183cm, 83kg
Summary Profile: Prolific contested ball-winner with clean skills who runs all day. Awarded the Morrish Medal for the TAC Cup's best and fairest.

21. Brisbane
Ely Smith (VIC)
Height, Weight:
188cm, 86kg
Summary Profile: Prolific inside extractor who wins first possession and dishes out by hand. Strong tackler and a surprise draft combine star.

22. Greater Western Sydney
Luke Valente (SA)
Height, Weight:
186cm, 80kg
Summary Profile: Prolific ball-winning midfielder with clean skills. South Australian captain and MVP during the Under-18 Championships.

23. West Coast
Curtis Taylor (VIC)
Height, Weight:
186cm, 79kg
Summary Profile: Powerful marking forward with clean skills. Just as capable pushing through the midfield and winning his own ball.

24. Greater Western Sydney *matching Adelaide's bid
Kieran Briggs (NSW - GWS Academy)
Height, Weight:
200cm, 98kg
Summary Profile: Competitive and powerful ruckman who tackles aggressively and is a powerful overhead mark. This year's most promising ruck prospect.

25. Collingwood *matching Adelaide's bid
Will Kelly (VIC - Collingwood father-son)
Height, Weight:
193cm, 83kg
Summary Profile: Athletic key defender who shuts down his opponents. The son of Craig provides run from defence and possesses clean skills.

26. Adelaide
Sam Sturt (VIC)
Height, Weight
: 188cm, 79kg
Summary Profile: Dangerous medium marking forward who from his first TAC Cup game looked a class above. Possesses arguably the sweetest left foot kick to a target and on goal in this draft.

27. Western Bulldogs *matching West Coast's bid
Rhylee West (VIC - Western Bulldogs father-son)
Height, Weight:
180cm, 80kg
Summary Profile: Ball-winning midfielder with production on the board. Son of Scott, Rhylee starred for Vic Metro during the Under-18 Championships.

28. West Coast
Xavier O'Halloran (VIC)
Height, Weight:
187cm, 83kg
Summary Profile: High-impact-per-possession, athletic midfielder. Bursts away from stoppages and possesses clean skills.

29. Melbourne
Tom McKenzie (VIC)
Height, Weight:
184cm, 76kg
Summary Profile: Skilful midfielder and winner of the 20m sprint at the AFL Draft Combine. An improved ball-winner who is versatile enough to push into defence.

30. Brisbane *matching Gold Coast's bid
Connor McFadyen (QLD - Brisbane Academy)
Height, Weight:
190cm, 88kg
Summary Profile: The Allies' most dangerous marking forward and best ball-winning midfielder during the Under-18 Championships. Strong performances on the board during the second half of the season.

31: Gold Coast
Jez McLennan (SA)
Height, Weight:
183cm, 81kg
Summary Profile: A clean-kicking defender and effective intercept mark. Made the under-18 All-Australian team and played five SANFL League matches.

32. North Melbourne *matching Melbourne's bid
Bailey Scott (QLD - North Melbourne father-son)
Height, Weight:
186cm, 74kg
Summary Profile: Hard working midfield accumulator. An elite endurance athlete, the son of Robert is clean at ground level and an effective ball user.

33. Melbourne
Jacob Kennerley (SA)
Height, Weight:
184cm, 76kg
Summary Profile: Outside accumulator who runs all day. Strong speed and endurance athlete who set a record at this year's AFL Draft Combine in the 2km time trial.

34. Gold Coast
Luke Foley (WA)
Height, Weight:
187cm, 75kg
Summary Profile:
High production overager known for his speed and endurance. An improved contested ball-winner sees his desirability increase.

35. Fremantle
Tom Joyce (WA)
Height, Weight:
180cm, 68kg
Summary Profile: Made a name for himself on the national stage during the 2017 Under-18 Championships as one of Western Australia's better ball winners. Has missed most of 2018 due to hip issues.

36. Melbourne *matching Western Bulldogs bid
Toby Bedford (VIC - Melbourne Next Generation Academy)
Height, Weight:
176cm, 65kg
Summary Profile: Line breaker who often runs the ball 30m at speed before disposing of the ball. Prolific tackler with his application of forward pressure among the best in the draft.

37. Western Bulldogs
Fraser Turner (TAS)
Height, Weight:
186cm, 75kg
Summary Profile: Outside accumulator who runs all day. A sound decision maker with clean skills who was a consistent performer for the Allies during the Under-18 Championships.

38. Essendon
Jack Bytel (VIC)
Height, Weight:
188cm, 82kg
Summary Profile: Powerful ball-winner who has struggled for much of 2018 with back complaints. One of the most prolific stoppage players in the draft pool.

39. Brisbane
Thomas Berry (VIC)
Height, Weight:
185cm, 76kg
Summary Profile: Explosive ball-winning midfielder who plays with a hard edge. Younger brother of Brisbane's Jarrod.

40. Geelong *matching St Kilda's bid
Oscar Brownless (Geelong - father-son)
Height, Weight:
186cm, 76kg
Summary Profile: Son of Bill, Oscar is a well-rounded midfielder. Brownless balances winning the ball with evasion in traffic and impressive endurance.

41. St Kilda
Jacob Koschitzke (NSW)
Height, Weight:
196cm, 94kg
Summary Profile: Strong one-on-one key defender who takes powerful marks in defence. Cousin of ex-Saint Jason Koschitzke.

42. Richmond
James Rowbottom (VIC)
Height, Weight:
185cm, 78kg
Summary Profile: Proficient stoppage player. Strong tackler who wins his own ball and has a burst of speed.

43. Sydney
Damon Greaves (WA)
Height, Weight:
186cm, 77kg
Summary Profile: Exciting running backman and capable ball user. A consistent performer in the WAFL Colts averaging 23 disposals and only once dropping below 20 disposals from 12 matches.

44. Sydney
Will Hamill (VIC)
Height, Weight:
185cm, 70kg
Summary Profile: Line breaking and prolific marking defender. Starred at the draft combine in the speed, agility, endurance and leaping tests.

45. West Coast *matching Fremantle's bid
Jarrod Cameron (WA - West Coast Next Generation Academy)
Height, Weight:
180cm, 69kg
Summary Profile: Lively, forward with speed who applies heavy forward pressure and is dangerous around goal. Younger brother of Brisbane's Charlie.

46. Fremantle
Boyd Woodcock (SA)
Height, Weight:
174cm, 68kg
Summary Profile: A standout for North Adelaide during the SANFL League finals, kicking eight goals during the finals including three in the Grand Final. Equally capable through the midfield.

47. Western Bulldogs
Will Hayes (VIC)
Height, Weight:
181cm, 79kg
Summary Profile: Hard running 23-year-old VFL player who is suited to playing wing or half-back. Has the strength to win his own ball and has clean skills.

48: St Kilda
Tom Sparrow (SA)
Height, Weight:
182cm, 81kg
Summary Profile: Explosive, aggressive ball-winning midfielder. A courageous tackler and relentless attacker of the ball.

49. Western Bulldogs *matching Geelong's bid
Buku Khamis (Western Bulldogs - Next Generation Academy)
Height, Weight:
190cm, 81kg
Summary Profile: Springy defender who reads the ball in flight effectively and intercepts across half-back. Khamis is a very reliable kick, maintaining an 81 percent kicking efficiency in the TAC Cup.

50. Geelong
Charlie Sprague (VIC)
Height, Weight:
187cm, 79kg
Summary Profile: Medium marking forward who is most dangerous close to goal. Displays a high work rate and football smarts.

51. Sydney
Riley Grundy (SA)
Height, Weight:
195cm, 79kg
Summary Profile: Athletic key defender who is best utilised as a stopper. Younger brother of Collingwood's Brodie.

52. Greater Western Sydney
Bailey Williams (VIC)
Height, Weight:
198cm, 95kg
Summary Profile: Ultra athletic key forward who is difficult to stop when he can jump and fully extend his arms up towards the ball. Through the ruck he leaps so high his torso is often higher than the other ruckman's shoulders.

53. Hawthorn
Zane Barzen (VIC)
Height, Weight:
193cm, 77kg
Summary Profile: Athletic utility who can play forward or back. One of this year's most powerful marks.

54. Brisbane
Jack Ross (VIC)
Height, Weight:
186cm, 85kg
Summary Profile: First-possession winner at stoppages with the strength and power to burst through tackles. Effective distributor who is clean by hand and foot, displaying a solid work rate.

55. North Melbourne
Xavier O'Neil (VIC)
Height, Weight:
183cm, 78kg
Summary Profile: Hard working midfielder who is always on the move. O'Neil wins the ball at stoppages and possesses clean skills.

56. North Melbourne
Joel Crocker (VIC - North Melbourne - father-son)
Height, Weight:
191cm, 73kg
Summary Profile: Son of Darren, Joel has missed his draft year with an ankle injury. A strong marking leadup forward who showed promise as an underager in 2017.

57. Richmond
Sydney Stack (WA)
Height, Weight:
177cm, 72kg
Summary Profile: One of this draft's most exciting and impactful players. A prolific ball-winner and tackler who hits the ball at speed and accelerates away.

58. Hawthorn
Irving Mosquito (VIC - Hawthorn - Next Generation Academy)
Height, Weight:
175cm, 69kg
Summary Profile: Lively small forward and forward pressure specialist. Quick and does his best work at ground level.

59. Fremantle
Lachlan Sholl (VIC)
Height, Weight:
185cm, 77kg
Summary Profile: Skilful defender who intercepts and provides run and carry. Has the scope to push up the wing with his endurance a standout feature.

60. Essendon
Darcy Fort (SA)
Height, Weight:
205cm, 99kg
Summary Profile: Mature age ruckman who moved to South Australia in 2016 from Victoria after failing to receive draft interest from the VFL. A mobile, ready-made ruckman.

61. Melbourne
Harry Reynolds (VIC)
Height, Weight:
190cm, 73kg
Summary Profile: Midfielder who has spent much of the year playing school footy for Brighton Grammar. In four TAC Cup games for Sandringham showed he could win the ball and intercept.

62. St Kilda
Marlion Pickett (WA)
Height, Weight:
183cm, 85kg
Summary Profile: A plug and play mature-age prospect who can play midfield, back or forward. One of the most damaging players outside the AFL with damaging skills and athleticism.

63. Richmond
Will Golds (VIC)
Height, Weight:
181cm, 68kg
Summary Profile: Hard working outside runner who links up effectively. Stood out at the draft combine in the endurance testing.

64. Carlton
Ben Cavarra (VIC)
Height, Weight:
175cm, 72kg
Summary Profile: A mature-age pressure forward from the VFL who hits the scoreboard and can push up through the midfield. An impressive athlete who combines speed, agility and endurance.

65. Geelong
Connor Idun (VIC)
Height, Weight:
190cm, 89kg
Summary Profile: Powerfully built forward and defender. Does his best work one-on-one in marking contests.

66. Carlton
Ben Silvagni (VIC - Carlton - father-son)
Height, Weight:
194cm, 84kg
Summary Profile: A powerful marking forward who does his best work on the lead. The second son of Stephen.

67. West Coast
Laitham Vandermeer (VIC)
Height, Weight:
180cm, 76kg
Summary Profile: One of this year's most explosive and fastest line breakers with ball in hand. An overager who averaged 21 disposals per game for Murray.

68. Collingwood
Kyle Reid (VIC)
Height, Weight:
193cm, 85kg
Summary Profile: Athletic key defender who competes well one-on-one. Takes intercept marks and negates his opponent's influence.

69. Brisbane
Tom Lewis (SA)
Height, Weight:
179cm, 80kg
Summary Profile: A genuine first-possession winner at stoppages who distributes effectively by hand and tackles with intent. Winner of Sturt's Reserves best and fairest.

70. St Kilda
Thomas Jok (VIC)
Height, Weight:
192cm, 83kg
Summary Profile: Mature ager with speed and athleticism from Collingwood's VFL side. A possible role-playing defender.

71. Gold Coast
Dillon O'Reilly (WA)
Height, Weight:
194cm, 89kg
Summary Profile: Powerful, aggressive, contested marking key forward. A long kick who slots goals from 55m.

72. Essendon
Nick Hind (VIC)
Height, Weight:
180cm, 75kg
Summary Profile: Line-breaking 24-year-old who can inject run on a wing or half-back flank. One of the fastest with ball in hand outside the AFL and was one of the VFL's standout performers.

73. Melbourne
Noah Gown (VIC)
Height, Weight:
193cm, 91kg
Summary Profile: Among Gippsland's bests in each of their last 10 matches, managing TAC Cup highs of 21 goals and 19 contested marks in his last seven matches. An expert reader of the ball in flight and user of the body in marking contests.