F1 pushes back deadline for 2021 regulations

Formula One has decided to defer until the end of October its final presentation of the sporting regulations for 2021 after a meeting in Paris on Thursday that was also attended by world champion Lewis Hamilton.

The rules were due to have been put forward for approval this month but some teams pushed to extend the deadline because they felt there was still work to do on the technical and sporting side.

Formula One had originally wanted an October date but, without apparent unanimity, would have otherwise had to present the rules at a World Motor Sport Council meeting on Friday.

The governing International Automobile Federation (FIA) said the 10 teams had unanimously agreed the extension.

The meeting was attended by all team principals and technical directors, the governing body, Formula One management, tyre supplier Pirelli and drivers Hamilton, Nico Hulkenberg and ex-racer Alexander Wurz.

Wurz is the chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association.

"While the FIA Formula One World Championship's key stakeholders feel the core objectives outlined for the future set of regulations have been defined, in the interests of the sport it was agreed that the best outcome will be achieved by using the extra time for further refinement and additional consultation," the statement said.

More meetings will be held over the coming months.