Radio Ga Ga: The best of 2016 so far

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Despite the introduction of team radio restrictions during the first half of the 2016 season, the F1 airwaves remained as entertaining as ever. Below are some of our favourite soundbites from team radio this year.

Australian Grand Prix

"How do I turn the alarm off?"
"Sorry Lewis, I can't tell you that."

A sign of things to come at the season-opener as Lewis Hamilton's race engineer, Peter Bonnington, is unable to assist the world champion with an issue on his car.

Bahrain GP

"Unbelievable guys! This is the American dream! This is unbelievable. What a great job from all of you. Some places we can improve but what a job guys! I love you. Beautiful."

Romain Grosjean celebrates fifth place in Bahrain -- his second points finish in as many races -- with an emotional message to American newcomers Haas.

Russian GP

"Oh for f---'s sake man! Who the f---? Oh I'm out! Crash! Somebody hit me in the f---ing rear, Turn 2, Somebody hit me in the f---ing rear again in Turn 3, for f---'s sake! Honestly, what the f--- are we doing here?"

Sebastian Vettel turns the airwaves blue after being taken out of the race by Daniil Kvyat at the start. It proved to be Kvyat's last race for Red Bull before being demoted to Toro Rosso in Spain.

Spanish GP

"F---! If I don't avoid that he goes straight into my car. Honestly, what are we doing, racing or ping pong?"

Yep, it's sweary Sebastian Vettel again. This time he fumes at Daniel Ricciardo's ballsy overtaking attempt in the closing stages at Barcelona as the former Red Bull teammates almost come together at Turn 1.

"Well that's great, isn't it? I just got overtaken by Haryanto. Get the car out of the way, it's going to cost us time. I know he thinks he's quick but he's not."

Jenson Button is unimpressed by Manor's Rio Haryanto unlapping himself midway through the race, and politely asks McLaren to have a word with race director Charlie Whiting.

Monaco GP

"Just save it -- nothing you could say could make it any better."

When Red Bull tries to apologise for throwing away a nailed-on victory with a botched pit stop, a frustrated Daniel Ricciardo bites back.

Canadian GP

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! [laughs] That was for Muhammad guys, that's for Ali..."

Lewis Hamilton dedicates his win to boxing legend Muhammad Ali by repeating one of The Greatest's most famous lines.

"Mamma mia, what the hell is going on!?"

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel shows the Italian influence is strong at Maranello as he questions the lack of blue flags during his middle stint.

Grand Prix of Europe

Kimi Raikkonen proved surprisingly talkative on the streets of Baku, below is a list of his best radio soundbites from the race

"There was some f---ing plastic flying around and I had to avoid it!"

Raikkonen complains about some of the items floating around the main straight in the early stages of the race...

"Hey where the f--- are the blue flags! I've been following him the whole f---ing lap now!"

...and then at Baku's marshals for not ordering traffic to dive out of his way.

"Thank-you Kimi, thank-you..."
"Well now you tell him to push, because I don't want that he's in front of me... I mean [censored by FOM]"

After moving over for Vettel -- a move he later said Ferrari could have executed differently -- Raikkonen suggests the team tells the four-time world champion to get a move on.

"Is it the same as last race, let's say?"
"I can't answer Kimi, I can't answer I'm sorry."
"Surely you can say yes or no!?"
"I can't Kimi, I can't."

F1's radio restrictions strike again; after a long race, the Iceman feels tries -- and fails -- to extract technical information from the pit wall.

British Grand Prix

"Gearbox problem!"
"Affirm. Chassis default zero one"
"Avoid seventh gear, Nico"
"Well what does that mean? I have to shift through it?"
"Affirm, Nico, Affirm. You have to shift through it."

The messages that cost Nico Rosberg second place -- and crucial points -- at Silverstone after falling foul of the team radio restrictions.

Hungarian GP

"I'm driving like a grandma."

While bottled up behind teammate Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen tells Red Bull he's driving well within his limits to conserve his tyres early in the race.

"Jenson, do not shift, do not shift. We've lost hydraulic pressure."
"So game over?"
"No, Jenson, stay out, stay out."
"Oh fantastic, race from hell this is going to be!"

After finding that his brake pedal was dropping to the floor on lap five, Jenson Button is less than impressed with McLaren's instruction to continue racing...

German GP

"Can you explain to them I was full lock on the wheel? He moved under braking, that was the problem, that's not allowed."

Nico Rosberg defends his passing move on Max Verstappen after learning he has been hit with a five-second penalty for forcing the Red Bull driver off the track.

"Esteban's my favourite. I love this guy."

After being held up behind Haas driver Esteban Gutierrez for too long, Daniel Ricciardo sarcastically compliments the driving of Mexican.