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VALORANT roundtable: What we expect from release day

Here's where our experts think VALORANT is on Day 1 of launch, where it could be five years from now and everything in between.

Provided by Riot Games

VALORANT's early pro scene similar to Overwatch's start

When VALORANT was first announced, the game was quickly compared to Overwatch. While VALORANT's gameplay has proven to be different, its early pro scene is shaping up similarly to Overwatch's competitive beginning.

VALORANT Confidential -- most annoying agent, hopes for the future and more

We polled more than 50 pros to get their confidential takes on a variety of VALORANT topics.


Tenz gives thoughts on what can be improved in VALORANT's ranked system

C9 VALORANT pro Tyson "TenZ" Ngo goes into detail on what he thinks can be improved upon in the VALORANT ranked system including solo and duo queues.


VALORANT's game director details new agent, Reyna

VALORANT's game director, Joe Ziegler, explains how to improve with the new agent, Reyna and how players can improve with her quickly.


VALORANT new game mode has hopes for casual audience

Tyler Erzberger discusses the new game mode looking to come out for VALORANT and hopes that it will appeal to the more casual gamer and streamer.


VALORANT Devs confirm forfeit option coming to game

VALORANT Developer Joe Ziegler confirms to Tyler Erzberger that they are looking to bring a forfeit option if a team has someone who's disconnected or left.


Reminiscing on the VALORANT beta and the upcoming launch

Tyler Erzberger gives his thoughts on the Valorant beta and what he is most excited for, for the upcoming VALORANT launch.


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Can Riot Games strike esports gold twice with VALORANT?

League of Legends is the most popular esport in the world, but it wasn't always easy for Riot Games. Jacob Wolf explains what they can learn from LoL as VALORANT's release approaches.

What we thought of VALORANT's beta

As VALORANT's beta comes to a close, Tyler Erzberger, Jacob Wolf, Emily Rand and Arda Ocal go over their impressions from their time playing it.

VALORANT Frankenstein: Agents we think would be cool to see

Remember when you used to come up with your own superheroes? As VALORANT launches soon, we decided to bring out our inner 10-year-old and design our own agents.

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