2021 Schedule

2021 Schedule

HR 2: Who Ya Got?!

Hour Two started with the fellas wondering what LA team is most likely to win a title this year: the Lakers, the Dodgers or the Rams? Also, wing trivia since it's National Wing Day and talk on the Dodgers with the MLB trading deadline a day away. Plus, a look back at one of the darkest days in the NBA: The Malice At The Palace. And, "The Dump!"

Jalen Ramsey on joining Madden's 99 club: 'It's a little overdue' (1:19)

HR 2: Coming Home?

The 2nd Hour of the show started with the guys talking about their observations from the various events of the Tokyo Olympics. Then, some talk on DeMar DeRozen's comments on "Club Shay Shay" about possibily joining the Lakers, at a discounted rate. And, does Anthony Davis need to play at an MVP-level for the Lakers to be successful next season? Plus, is Matthew Stafford the missing link to a Super Bowl title for the Rams? Also, "The Dump!"


HR 1: Field Trip To SoFi

Travis and Sliwa opened the show talking about their little "field trip" to the new SoFi Stadium for a video shoot. And, the fellas talked about the huge implications with this week's Dodgers/Giants series. Plus, do the Dodgers have to worry about their closer situation, mainly Kenley Jansen? Also, the "Bunch Of Funch" is back with how frugal can one person be?

Aaron Donald joins Madden 99 Club for fifth straight year (1:10)
Stephen A.: Rams' offense won't be decimated by Akers' injury (1:09)
Is Matt Stafford a better QB than Dak Prescott? (0:56)
Who's the best bet to lead the NFL in rushing? (3:16)

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Team Stats

Passing Yards250.913th
Rushing Yards126.110th
Points For23.122nd
Points Against18.532nd