Scoring Summary


1stCarroll homered to right (358 feet).10
2ndPerdomo singled to right, Rivera scored, Perdomo out stretching at second.20
2ndShort doubled to center, Carpenter scored.21
6thShort hit sacrifice fly to center, Maton scored.22
7thRivera doubled to center, Walker scored.32
7thMcCarthy singled to left, Rivera scored.42
7thMarte walked, McCarthy scored, Smith to second, Herrera to third.52
7thCarroll homered to left (355 feet), Herrera scored, Smith scored and Marte scored.92
7thRogers homered to left (390 feet).93
8thPerdomo reached on infield single to first, Rivera scored.103
8thMaton singled to center, Torkelson scored.104
9thWalker hit sacrifice fly to right, Marte scored, Carroll to third.114
9thRogers homered to right center (405 feet).115
9thBáez homered to left (382 feet).116
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