Queensland Reds trio Izack Rodda, Harry Hockings, Isaac Lucas terminate Rugby Australia contracts

Reds stand down trio over pay-cut refusal (0:47)

The Queensland Reds stood down Izack Rodda, Harry Hockings and Isaac Lucas after they refused to accept a pay reduction. (0:47)

Queensland Reds trio Izack Rodda, Harry Hockings and Isaac Lucas have terminated their contracts with Rugby Australia and Queensland Rugby Union days after they were sensationally stood down by the QRU.

On Monday, Rodda, Lucas and Hocking were stood down without pay for refusing to accept Rugby Australia's proposed 60 percent wage cut.

In a statement on Friday their manager Anthony Picone argued QRU had no legal basis to stand down the three players. He stated the organisation had been given ample opportunity to withdraw the notices, but had "failed to do so".

"This is their livelihood. It is only reasonable that talented players want to secure stable employment during these times," Picone said.

The Reds trio are the only players in Picone's NewStar Sports group to refuse the variation agreement. A further 189 of RA's contracted players have agreed to the pay cut. However, it is understood the trio have received several messages of support from teammates and former players.

On Thursday, Brumbies player Lachlan McCaffrey defended the trio's decision.

Picone said: "Izack Rodda, Harry Hockings and Isaac Lucas respect and support their teammates in their decisions and understand that each individual player will assess the situation in relation to their own circumstance."

According to Picone, RA's tenuous financial situation played a role in the players' decision. RA has yet to acquire a new broadcast deal from 2021 and there remains concerns the governing body will be unable to honour contracts into the future.

Picone said he was disappointed with how the matter was handled so publicly urging RA's new management -- chairman Hamish McLennan and interim CEO Rob Clarke -- to take a more "nuanced" approach to player relations.

"It is disappointing the QRU chose to air the issues publicly," he said.

"Given the parlous state of rugby in Australia and Queensland we offered the organisation the opportunity to deal with these matters in private and confidentially. This offer was rejected.

"It would be wise for the Reds and RA to maintain amicable relationships with these players. The future is uncertain, but we should always have as many players in the tent as possible."