15Joaquin Tuculet, FB
14Bautista Delguy, W
13Juan Cruz Mallia, C
12Jeronimo de La Fuente, C
11Santiago Carreras, W
10Nicolas Sanchez, FH
9Felipe Ezcurra, SH
1Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, P
2Julian Montoya, H
3Santiago Medrano, P
4Guido Petti, L
5Matias Alemanno, L
6Pablo Matera, FL
7Juan Manuel Leguizamon, FL
8Rodrigo Bruni, N8
16Agustin Creevy, R
17Mayco Vivas, R
18Enrique Pieretto, R
19Marcos Kremer, R
20Tomas Lezana, R
21Gonzalo Bertranou, R
22Benjamin Urdapilleta, R
23Matias Moroni, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
12:45 AM, October 9, 2019

Match Commentary

82'The conversion sails wide to bring an end to this one. A thoroughly enjoyable contest which the Pumas have won 47-17! Thanks for your company and remember to stay across ESPN for all your Rugby World Cup coverage.
81'And they get it! Try time USA! The skip[per Blaine Scully has got himself a double as a lovely cut-out pass sails into his arms and he eases into the corner. Replacement Will Hooley threw the pass but there was a strong charge again from Lasike in the lead-up as well as a darting run from Nate Augsurger.
81'Hang on we've got one last chance for the Eagles after they get a penalty and kick deep inside the Pumas' 22. Come on, USA!
81'+347-17 End of second half
81'+247-17 Try - Blaine Scully , United States of America
80'Delguy finds clean air again for Argentina and flies down the right touchline before dropping the kick over the top. The ball however doesn't bounce the way he wants it to and it dribbles dead in goal. The last play of this game will start from the Eagles' 22 with a scrum.
79'That's a bit of a waste there from Eagles winger Marcel Brache who kicks the ball aimlessly in behind the Pumas defence just as the States were starting to break down the defensive line.
77'Penalty USA. After a Pumas knock-on, the Eagles are awarded a penalty at the scrum and kick to touch on the Pumas' 10. It would be great to see the U.S. have one more attacking raid here.
75'Penalty USA. The Eagles get a relieving penalty and are able to clear their line but when they look to go wide form the lineout the pass is overthrown and goes into touch.
73'Penalty Argentina. The Pumas will go on the attack again here after the Eagles are pinged for offside. That man Bautista Delguy is looking dangerous again and could step a defender in a phone booth with his sharp footwork.
73'Substitute on - Martin Iosefo , United States of America
73'Player substituted - AJ MacGinty , United States of America
72'47-12 Conversion - Benjamin Urdapilleta , Argentina
71'Try Argentina! The Pumas are in again here through replacement halfback Gonzalo Bertranou. Again it was outside centre Mallia who opened up the Eagles' defence through the middle, Bertranou trailing up on the inside to take the pass, step the cover defence and score.
71'45-12 Try - Gonzalo Bertranou , Argentina
70'Lineout USA. The Pumas can't do anything with their territory there as they kick across field and the ball dribbles into touch. It might have been better to keep the ball in hand there as a few U.S. players are starting to feel the pinch.
68'Penalty Argentina. This game is really starting to open up here as the sun beats down on the ground. The Pumas get a penalty for holding on at the ruck after both sides had found space with chip kicks but failed to make anything of them.
65'The Eagles break down the touchline through No. 13 Bryce Campbell but he just can't position his supporting player to get the offload away. Still, nice to see the Eagles try their luck on the counter there.
63'That was a busy period of play as the Eagles tried their luck down the short side and then with a kick in behind, only for the Pumas to respond with a kick of their own which found space in the USA 22. Skipper Blaine Scully got back to tidy things up for his team and they were able to clear upfield.
61'Substitute on - Matias Moroni , Argentina
61'Player substituted - Jeronimo de La Fuente , Argentina
61'40-12 Conversion - AJ MacGinty , United States of America
60'It's awarded! That is much better play from the States and Lasike certainly deserves that try, he has been among his side's best all afternoon.
60'TMO time! We're going upstairs here to check a potential five-pointer for big Paul Lasike. The American centre hit a nice unders line and broke the line, powering his leg towards the posts.
60'40-10 Try - Paul Lasike , United States of America
60'Substitute on - Benjamin Urdapilleta , Argentina
60'Player substituted - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
60'Player substituted - Ruben de Haas , United States of America
60'Substitute on - Nate Augspurger , United States of America
58'Penalty USA. That is better play from the Eagles as they string some nice phases together and then get the call from Williams for offside at the ruck. The crowd is trying to rally the Eagles into another try, they'll attack from a lineout just seven metres out.
58'Substitute on - Tomas Lezana , Argentina
58'Player substituted - Guido Petti , Argentina
57'Substitute on - Ben Pinkelman , United States of America
57'Player substituted - Tony Lamborn , United States of America
57'Substitute on - Ben Landry , United States of America
57'Player substituted - Nate Brakeley , United States of America
57'Player substituted - Felipe Ezcurra , Argentina
57'Substitute on - Gonzalo Bertranou , Argentina
57'40-5 Conversion - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
56'Try Argentina! That might be the pick of the Pumas' bunch as Jeronimo de la Fuente finishes off a special from the South Americans. They broke free from a lineout turnover then went wide, de la Fuenter running the perfect inside support line to finish it off.
56'38-5 Try - Jeronimo de La Fuente , Argentina
54'The Eagles try to roll their way to the line but the Pumas' maul defence is too good and they force them into touch.
53'Player substituted - Santiago Medrano , Argentina
53'Substitute on - Enrique Pieretto , Argentina
53'Player substituted - Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro , Argentina
53'Substitute on - Mayco Vivas , Argentina
53'Substitute on - Agustin Creevy , Argentina
53'Player substituted - Julian Montoya , Argentina
52'Held up! The Eagles get the ball over the line but can't get it down, so we're coming back for a penalty for a high tackle. The Eagles kick to the corner and will try their luck again.
50'Penalty USA. The eagles get an offside call from the lineout which MacGinty promptly bangs into touch about 10 out from the Pumas' line.
50'Player substituted - Titi Lamositele , United States of America
50'Substitute on - Paul Mullen , United States of America
50'Substitute on - Marcos Kremer , Argentina
50'Player substituted - Pablo Matera , Argentina
50'Player substituted - Mike Te'o , United States of America
50'Substitute on - Will Hooley , United States of America
50'Player substituted - Eric Fry , United States of America
50'Substitute on - Olive Kilifi , United States of America
50'Player substituted - Joe Taufete'e , United States of America
50'Substitute on - Dylan Fawsitt , United States of America
49'33-5 Conversion - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
48'Try Argentina! The Pumas are in once more, and it's Mallia again! The Argentines went quickly from a lineout with Tuculet splitting the American defence, the fullback finding Mallia on his right hip for the offload and an easy run to the line.
48'31-5 Try - Juan Cruz Mallia , Argentina
46'Penalty USA. The Eagles needed that. They get the decision at scrum time and are able to clear to touch just short of the 10-metre line.
45'The Pumas are really starting to open the Eagles up here. This time they break straight through the heart of the Americans' defence, their break only derailed by some desperate cover defence and a poor pass.
45'26-5 Conversion - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
44'Try Argentina! The Pumas have their fourth try of the afternoon, this time through Juan Cruz Mallia. The Pumas built a couple of phases off the lineout to begin with and then Mallia ran a beautiful flat line to split two Eagles defenders for the try.
44'24-5 Try - Juan Cruz Mallia , Argentina
42'What a run from Delguy again! This time the Pumas winger scoops up a loose ball, runs right across his own line and between the posts to open up the Eagles' defence; he then kicks ahead for a the chasing support and the Eagles just get back to clean up.
41'The Pumas make a mistake straight from the kick-off to give the Eagles a scrum and the chance to attack.
41'19-5 End of first half
40'The players are back out on the field here for the seocond half. Can the Eagles mount a serious challenged? Stay with us to find out!
40'MacGinty hits the upright with the conversion and that's halftime. A really entertaining 40 minutes of rugby there and great to see the Eagles strike on the stroke of halftime.
40'19-5 Start of second half
39'Try time USA! That is great play from the Eagles as big Paul Lasike pops his head through the line and gets an offload away to MacGinty who drops a perfect little kick in behind which Blaine Scully chases through and just wins the race to score!
39'19-5 Try - Blaine Scully , United States of America
38'Luckily the Pumas can't make much ground from their clearance and the States will get the last chance of the first half.
37'The Eagles are under the pump here once more as they turn the ball over and give the Pumas the chance to counter attack. Sanchez steps back inside and then drops a nice kick in behind that finds touch just short of the Eagles line. But, hang on, we're coming back for a penalty for an early tackle and the Eagles instead kick for the line. But they miss touch!
35'Try Argentina! The Pumas have their third here ion Kumagaya as Tuculet gets his second by beating his man on the outside, slipping under a high-tackle and reaching out to just plant the ball down. The Eagles were able to repel several charges by the Pumas forwards, but when they went wide through Sanchez and then Tuculet they were always going to be hard ti stop.
35'19-0 Try - Joaquin Tuculet , Argentina
33'Argentina get another penalty, this time for diving over at the ruck. The Eagles will need to be careful here as their infringements are starting to mount. The Pumas kick to the corner and will likely try a driving maul once more.
31'Penalty Argentina. The Eagles are pinged for losing their bind at scrum-time.
30'Scrum Argentina. Again the Eagles let themselves down with their handling, this time a forward pass, right when they were starting to create a bit of space. They simply must tidy up that area of their game if they're going to trouble the Pumas.
29'Penalty U.S. That was some fine defence from the Eagles and they get a reward as referee Williams rules on of the Pumas players entered the ruck from the side. The Eagles clear into the Pumas half and attack straight away.
28'Penalty Argentina. The Eagles compound their error by giving away a penalty at the scrum. The Pumas kick for touch and find it just outside the Eagles' 22.
27'Scrum Argentina. Just as the Eagles start to make a bit of an impression on the Pumas' defensive line, No.6 Tony Lamborn drops one cold and it all breaks down. That was better from the Eagles, though, there were a couple of nice short passes and some strong runs from their front-rowers in particular.
25'Try Argentina! Joaquin Tuculet is in for the Pumas after a little chip kick takes a devilish bounce and sits up perfectly for thee flying Tuculet to chase through and ground the ball. The Eagles looked to have that covered but you can never predict the bounce of the rugby ball!
25'14-0 Conversion - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
25'12-0 Try - Joaquin Tuculet , Argentina
23'Penalty Argentina. Referee Paul Williams has got the Eagles for offside again, which will give Sanchez the chance to put his side deep into the Americans half with a kick for touch. He finds touch just inside the Eagles' 22.
22'Both sides again trade box-kicks before the Pumas clear to touch on the right-hand side of the field to give the Eagles a lineout.
21'7-0 Conversion - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
20'Sanchez converts his own try from out near the touchline to give the Pumas a 7-0 lead after the first quarter.
19'Try time Argentina! There's no escaping for the Eagles this time as Nicolas Sanchez throws a lovely ball to put Marcos Kremer through a gap, the replacement back-rower then drawing the fullback with a pass back to Sanchez who just manages to get to the line and wrestle the ball to ground.
19'5-0 Try - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
17'There was a bit going on there! Both teams had the chance to attack each other before the Eagles went to the air, the bouncing ball popped up nicely for Delguy again who broke through the heart of the Eagles and only had the fullback to beat. But the final pass hits the deck and the Eagles get out jail.
14'So close! the eagles looked to have butchered one there after a nice break down the shortside through Bryce Campbell. They were only metres from the Pumas' line but AJ MacGinty couldn't find his outside man and the Pumas were able to scoop up the loose ball and clear.
13'A couple of pretty ordinary box-kicks from both sides there before Eagles fly-half AJ MacGinty presents the Pumas with an easy mark inside their own 22.
11'No try! Penalty U.S! It looks like they ruled an Eagles defender was obstructed to open up Ezcurra's run. That is a stroke of luck for the Eagles and gives them the chance to clear for touch.
11'Try Argentina! No.9 Felipe Ezcurra picks up the ball from the back of the scrum, steps back inside and manages to force the ball down next to the posts. Hang on, we're having a look at this on the big screen.
9'Argentina opt for the scrum this time, they might have a crack at a pushover try here!
8'The Pumas do indeed go for the rolling maul before they peel off and head for the line. The Eagles' defence stands strong howevever and they pinch an intercept, only to again be penalised by referee Paul Williams for offside.
8'Player substituted - Martin Iosefo , United States of America
8'Substitute on - Paul Lasike , United States of America
7'Penalty Argnetina! That was a wonderful break from Delguy who really only trips himself up in the end, but we come back for a penalty for offside. The Pumas kick for the corner and will look to launch a rolling maul you'd wager.
6'The Eagles' long sequence is at last thwarted by an Argentina turnover at the breakdown, from which the Pumas break away through Bautista Delguy.
4'After a couple of reset scrums, the Eagles finally clear the ball from the set-piece and send skipper Blaine Scully on the charge before they then shift it wide again. The opt for the gurbber in behind which is fielded and returned back downfield, giving the Eagles another chance to attack.
3'Player substituted - Paul Lasike , United States of America
3'Substitute on - Martin Iosefo , United States of America
1'A great tackle from AJ MacGinty there force the mistake from Pablo Matera. That is an excellent defensive start for the Eagles.
1'The Pumas kick-off down to the States before the Eagles clear downfield from the box-kick; the kick however fails to find touch which gives Argentina an early chance to attack which they spurn through a knock-on. Scrum U.S.
1'That's the anthems done, let's get this one underway!
1'And here come the players, we'll have the anthems shortly and then be set for kick-off. There are few empty seats at one scattered around the stadium but I'd say we're at about 85 percent capacity.
1'Both teams have finished their warm-ups here in Kumagaya, which has turned on a quite magnificent day. It's warm in the sun but there's just enough breeze to keep the supporters happy. Plenty of blue and white or Argentina around the ground, no doubt will hear plenty of chanting once we get underway too. This is los Pumas' last game of the tournament while the States still have one more to come after, against Tonga on Sunday.
1'Hello to all and welcome to ESPN's live blog coverage of Argentina vs. USA. It's around 24 degrees Celsius (that's 75 degrees Fahrenheit for our American friends!) at the Kumagaya Rugby Stadium. Can the Pumas bounce back from their loss to England? Stick with us and find out!
1'0-0 Start of first half

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