15David Havili, FB
14Seta Tamanivalu, W
13Jack Goodhue, C
12Ryan Crotty, C
11George Bridge, W
10Richie Mo'unga, FH
9Bryn Hall, SH
1Joe Moody, P
2Codie Taylor, H
3Owen Franks, P
4Scott Barrett, L
5Sam Whitelock, L
6Heiden Bedwell-Curtis, FL
7Matt Todd, FL
8Kieran Read, N8
16Sam Anderson-Heather, R
16Andrew Makalio, R
17Tim Perry, R
18Michael Alaalatoa, R
19Luke Romano, R
20Pete Samu, R
21Mitchell Drummond, R
22Mitch Hunt, R
23Braydon Ennor, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Orangetheory Stadium
3:35 AM, August 4, 2018
Capacity: 18,000

Match Commentary

82'That's it! Crusaders are Super Rugby champions for the ninth time as Matt Todd claims a steal and then boots the ball into touch! What a season from Scott Robertson's men.
81'Penalty Lions. We're just delaying the trophy presentation now!
81'+237-18 End of second half
78'Penalty Lions. The visitors have one last chance to add a little more respectability to the scoreline as they attack from a lineout 10 metres out. Scott Robertson is already down on the touchline, congratulating his players.
77'Substitute on - Braydon Ennor , Crusaders
77'Player substituted - George Bridge , Crusaders
77'Substitute on - Mitch Hunt , Crusaders
77'Player substituted - Richie Mo'unga , Crusaders
76'Player substituted - Malcolm Marx , Lions
76'Substitute on - Corne Fourie , Lions
76'Substitute on - Howard Mnisi , Lions
76'Player substituted - Harold Vorster , Lions
75'Penalty Crusaders. The hosts are slowly closing this one out as Ryan Crotty returns to the field. A determined Lions raid amounts to nothing as the Crusaders win a penalty at the breakdown.
72'Substitute on - Luke Romano , Crusaders
72'Player substituted - Scott Barrett , Crusaders
71'37-18 Conversion - Richie Mo'unga , Crusaders
70'Try time Crusaders! That will be it now, though, as Scott Barrett powers over under the sticks from close range. It all started with a quick lineout from David Havili who set George Bridge free. Again Mitchell Drummond was in support, as was Pete Samu, before Barrett was too strong one phase later. Game over.
70'35-18 Try - Scott Barrett , Crusaders
69'Substitute on - Andrew Makalio , Crusaders
69'Player substituted - Codie Taylor , Crusaders
69'Player substituted - Ross Cronje , Lions
69'Substitute on - Dillon Smit , Lions
69'Player substituted - Ruan Dreyer , Lions
69'Substitute on - Johannes Jonker , Lions
68'Try time Lions! And it's that man Malcolm Marx, who grabs his 12th try of the season. That is amazing for a hooker. The Lions were patient after the maul was again disrupted, before Marx bumped off Whitelock and Barrett to score just to the left of the posts. This game isn't done yet!
68'30-18 Try - Malcolm Marx , Lions
67'Yellow card - Ryan Crotty , Crusaders
66'Ryan Crotty is in the sin-bin! Gardner gives the Crusaders centre a 10-minute breather as he kicks the ball in an offside position at the ruck. Again, Garnder looks to have got the decision right.
65'Penalty Lions. The visitors won't go down without a fight after they turn a Crusaders error into a strong attacking raid. They just can't get the ball over the line though, with referee Gardner coming back for a penalty for an illegal tackle.
63'Player substituted - Cyle Brink , Lions
63'Substitute on - Marnus Schoeman , Lions
63'30-13 Conversion - Richie Mo'unga , Crusaders
62'Try time Crusaders! What a marvellous build-up from the Crusaders who string 12 phases together before Mitchell Drummond scores under the posts. There was some smart work from Richie Mo'unga, again, in the build-u[p before Matt Todd and Codie Taylor combined to put Drummond over.
62'28-13 Try - Mitchell Drummond , Crusaders
60'Substitute on - Michael Alaalatoa , Crusaders
60'Player substituted - Owen Franks , Crusaders
59'Combrinck's attempt is a shocker. And the pressure valve is released.
58'Penalty Lions. The visitors are enjoying a nice little period now, as a well-chased kick brings about a mistake from Seta Tamanivalu and then a penalty for holding on. Ruan Combrinck will line up a shot from wide out, right on the 10-metre line.
56'Player substituted - Heiden Bedwell-Curtis , Crusaders
56'Substitute on - Pete Samu , Crusaders
55'A promising Crusaders attack comes to an end via a knock-on after they'd gone quickly from a lineout. The Lions had enjoyed a solid build-up themselves before Warren Whiteley's pass sailed into touch; the Lions then very nearly burned as David Havili looked to break quickly.
54'Player substituted - Marvin Orie , Lions
54'Substitute on - Lourens Erasmus , Lions
54'Player substituted - Bryn Hall , Crusaders
54'Substitute on - Mitchell Drummond , Crusaders
54'Substitute on - Aphiwe Dyantyi , Lions
54'Player substituted - Courtnall Skosan , Lions
54'23-13 Conversion - Elton Jantjies , Lions
53'23-11 Try - Cyle Brink , Lions
52'Try time Lions! There may yet be a twist in this one as Cyle Brink bumps off Sam Whitelock to sprint 20 metres and score for the visitors. The build-up hadn't been inspiring yet Cyle Brink's effort might just spark the visitors' comeback.
49'Penalty Crusaders. The Lions are under pressure at the scrum and Gardiner has little choice but to award the penalty to the hosts. That must be heartbreaking for the Lions.
48'It's no try! Ever so close for the Lions. But they had a penalty advantage anyway, so all is not lost. This time, however, they opt for the scrum.
47'We're going upstairs to check a possible try to Elton Jantjies who reached out and attempted to ground the ball. It's terribly close.
47'Substitute on - Tim Perry , Crusaders
47'Player substituted - Joe Moody , Crusaders
47'Player substituted - Jacques Van Rooyen , Lions
47'Substitute on - Dylan Smith , Lions
46'Penalty Lions. The visitors enjoy their best phase sequence for the match, drawing a penalty for offside. They kick for the corner, but must try something different to the stock standard rolling maul.
43'It's good, and the Crusaders strike first in the second half. It's a long way back for the Lions from here.
43'23-6 Penalty goal - Richie Mo'unga , Crusaders
42'Penalty Crusaders. The hosts go quickly from the lineout and string together 12 phases before the Lions are penalised for not rolling away. Mo'unga will line up a shot at another three points.
41'We're underway in the second half as Richie Mo'unga kicks deep into the Lions' half. The ball is fielded by winger Courtnall Skosan before the Lions clear downfield.
41'20-6 End of first half
40'We'll have one last play in the first half as a Lions pass sails into touch. Crusaders with the lineout from just inside the Lions' 10-metre line. But the throw isn't straight, and that's halftime in Christchurch.
40'20-6 Start of second half
39'20-6 Penalty goal - Elton Jantjies , Lions
38'Penalty Lions. The visitors will have the final say of the first half, with Elton Jantjies to line up a shot at goal from right in front. It won't worry the Crusaders, though, who haven't been threatened since Combrinck's early break.
36'Penalty Lions. Referee Angus Gardiner pings Joe Moody for holding Malcolm Marx around the neck on the advice of the asssistant referee. The Lions kick to touch, and will attack from 10 metres out.
36'20-3 Conversion - Richie Mo'unga , Crusaders
34'Try time Crusaders! A piece of individiual brilliance from Richie Mo'unga opened up the Lions defence. The fly-half takes a poor Elton Jantjies kick, beats two defenders and sets Jack Goodhue on a run to the line. One phase later, Bryn Hall finds a flying David Havili who powers over 15 in from the right touchline.
34'18-3 Try - David Havili , Crusaders
33'Penalty Crusaders. The hosts have their first scrum penalty of the night as Angus Gardiner pings Lions prop Jacques Van Rooyen for hinging. Mo'unga knocks over another three points from just to the right of the posts.
33'13-3 Penalty goal - Richie Mo'unga , Crusaders
30'Well, well, well. This could be a huge moment as Angus Gardiner rules Elton Jantjies took the ball over the tryline, rather than it being ruled the ball had crossed the line and would therefore be a 22-metre restart. Gardiner has got the call right, and the Lions will now be under enormous pressure.
27'Knock-on Lions. That's another big psychological win for the Crusaders as they first slow the Lions' maul, and then draw a knock-on from the visitors. The maul isn't working for the Lions; they'll need to find another way through the Crusaders.
25'Penalty Lions. The visitors get another penalty and kick to the corner after the Crusaders are pinged for bringing down the driving maul illegally. No surprises for guessing what's coming here!
23'Penalty Lions. Ruan Dreyer wins a much-needed penalty from Angus Gardiner, the referee pinging Joe Moody for losing his bind.
21'Scrum Crusaders. It's all the hosts now as they win a turnover by holding up a Lions ball-runner in a maul. Excellent defence from Sam Whitelock and Jack Goodhue.
20'Mo'unga adds the conversion from touch and the Crusaders lead 10-3, the momentum now firmly in the hosts favour.
20'10-3 Conversion - Richie Mo'unga , Crusaders
19'Try time Crusaders! The hosts have the first try of the match as Seta Tamanilu powers over in the right-hand corner. The big Fijian was just too powerful close to the line after he received a wonderful cut-out pass from Richie Mo'unga. The speed of the Crusaders' recycle in the build-up was exceptional.
19'8-3 Try - Seta Tamanivalu , Crusaders
18'The Crusaders are denied a try in the left corner as George Bridge is forced into touch by a three-man Lions tackle. The Lions go quickly from the lineout, but only clear to about 30 metres out.
16'Penalty Crusaders. The hosts look like they're starting to settle, and win a penalty after the Lions are pinged for sealing off. The Crusaders kick to touch and will attack from the 22-metre line.
16'3-3 Penalty goal - Richie Mo'unga , Crusaders
15'It's 3-all in Christchurch as Mo'unga splits the uprights to the delight of the home fans.
14'Penalty Crusaders. Richie Mo'unga will line up a response for the hosts after the Lions are penalised for offside. In what was the Crusaders' first foray into the Lions' half, the hosts made easy work of the gainline.
13'0-3 Penalty goal - Elton Jantjies , Lions
12'Jantjies knocks it over amid the boos from the home crowd; the Lions finally have some reward for their graft.
11'Penalty Lions. Elton Jantjies will line up a shot a three points after the Crusaders are penalised for hands in the ruck. It has been an unusually nervy and untidy start from the hosts.
10'The Lions may have been a tad unlucky after they turn the ball over attempting a driving maul. The Crusaders looked to drive before the Lions player had come back to ground, giving them the edge on the maul defence. Scrum Crusaders.
8'The Lions have a five-metre lineout coming up after a delightful kick into the corner forces George Bridge to take the ball into touch.
7'Lions will get another chance to attack after the Crusaders clear from a free-kick at the scrum. It's been all the Lions so far, but they must turn their possession into some points.
5'A brilliant break from Ruan Combrinck comes to nothing as the Lions knock-on close to the line. The Lions winger had earlier gone on a 40-metre run to the line, only to be brought down five metres out. How costly will their inability to cross be? The visitors should be five points up.
2'Penalty Lions. The visitors kick to the corner after the Crusaders are penalised for not rolling away. The Lions had earlier tried a cross-kick for Malcolm Marx, which came to nothing in a fairly uninspiring first attacking sequence. The Lions lose the lineout however, and the Crusaders clear once more.
1'We're underway in Christchurch as Elton Jantjies kicks off, Crusaders lock Scott Barrett takes it into contact. The Cusaders look to clear through Richie Mo'unga immediately, the No.10 finding touch about 35 metres out.
1'Here come the Crusaders down the lengthy AMI Stadium tunnel. Just a couple of minutes away from Angus Gardiner's opening whistle now!
1'Crusaders Scott Robertson tells Sky Sport his side has done a lot of work preparing for Elton Jantjies' style of play, saying the Lions fly-half plays a bit like a rugby league playmaker. Meanwhile Swys de Bruin says it's an "honour" to play against the Crusaders in another decider.
1'Forty minutes out from kick-off in what is a cool but fine Christchurch. The bookmakers aren't giving the Lions any hope, with some agencies offering more than $8 for a visitors win. They'll certainly need big games from Malclom Marx and Kwagga Smith, while fly-half Elton Jantjies can't be overawed by the fast-moving Crusaders defence.
1'Hello and welcome to our live commentary of the Super Rugby final, contested by the Crusaders and Lions for the second straight year. This time, however, the Crusaders are at home and are red-hot favourites to back up their win last year and record a ninth title. We're about an hour out from kick-off but stayed tuned as we bring you all the build-up from AMI Stadium.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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