15Tom Homer, FB
14Semesa Rokoduguni, W
13Max Clark, C
12Rory Jennings, C
11Harry Davies, W
10Rhys Priestland, FH
9Kahn Fotuali'i, SH
1Nathan Catt, P
2Tom Dunn, H
3Max Lahiff, P
4Elliott Stooke, L
5Charlie Ewels, L
6David Denton, FL
7Francois Louw, FL
8Taulupe Faletau, N8
16Ross Batty, R
17Beno Obano, R
18Kane Palma-Newport, R
19Tom Ellis, R
20Paul Grant, R
21Chris Cook, R
22Adam Hastings, R
23Darren Atkins, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Recreation Ground
10:00 AM, February 18, 2017
Capacity: 11,700

Match Commentary

81'22-12 End of second half
80'And that's that. Bath manage to consolidate their top four position.
79'Quins look to get within that seven points for a bonus-point but the ball is once again lost forward. The story of the game really.
78'22-12 Penalty goal - Rhys Priestland , Bath Rugby
76'Tom Homer makes a great break from his own 10 metre line, up to the Quins' 22, throws a superb pass to Taulupe Faletau on the right touchline. In the end, Bath are stopped but there is a penalty advantage. Priestland will look to secure victory here.
76'Substitute on - George Naoupu , Harlequins
76'Player substituted - Aaron Morris , Harlequins
75'19-12 Penalty goal - Rhys Priestland , Bath Rugby
73'Harry Davies and Max Clark bring Bath up inside the Quins 22 and it comes back for the penalty. Priestland will look to stretch their advantage to seven with this kick.
71'Batty's lineout is secured by Charlie Ewels and teh maul is stopped. Quins win the turnover.
70'Bath win the scrum penalty. Priestland has the chance to put them back into the Quins half, and just about finds touch, five metres from the Quins line, despite it looking like Aaron Morris had gathered and taken the ball over his own line for Quins.
69'Player substituted - Matt Hopper , Harlequins
69'Substitute on - Alofa Alofa , Harlequins
69'Player substituted - Adam Jones , Harlequins
69'Substitute on - Matthew Shields , Harlequins
69'Substitute on - Luc Jones , Harlequins
69'Player substituted - Charlie Mulchrone , Harlequins
68'Quins gather the lineout but they are adjudged to have knocked the ball on. Bath let off the hook once more. Scrum Bath.
68'Poor handling on halfway threatens to bring Quins' attack to an end. Eventually it does as they cough up possession close to the Bath 22. Bath run the ball out, Priestland's grubber kick is gathered by Mulchrone and Harry Davies' tackle is penalised. Quins penalty and they clear to halfway.
66'Player substituted - Elliott Stooke , Bath Rugby
66'Substitute on - Paul Grant , Bath Rugby
65'Quins' attack is stopped with a high tackle and Priestland gets to clear.
64'Substitute on - Nick Evans , Harlequins
64'Player substituted - Ruaridh Jackson , Harlequins
64'Substitute on - Joe Gray , Harlequins
64'Player substituted - Rob Buchanan , Harlequins
64'16-12 Conversion - Rhys Priestland , Bath Rugby
63'14-12 Try - Max Clark , Bath Rugby
62'Try - They had to be patient as Kahn Fotuali?i spreads the ball to Clark off the back of the ruck, and the centre barges over.
61'Bath in good field position, Semesa Rokoduguni finding some space Beno Obano and Clark take the ball on. Priestland finds a gap and he brings Bath up to within 10 metres of the Quins line. Clark held short, a metre short. With a four-on-two overlap, they take the ball into contact. Still there for Bath.
61'Substitute on - Beno Obano , Bath Rugby
61'Player substituted - Nathan Catt , Bath Rugby
61'Substitute on - Kane Palma-Newport , Bath Rugby
61'Player substituted - Max Lahiff , Bath Rugby
58'Quins lose the ball again, their maul not going anywhere and Bath get the scrum just outside their own 22.
57'Tom Homer overcooks a kick and the ball goes out of play on the full and Quins will have the lineout deep inside the Bath half.
57'Player substituted - David Denton , Bath Rugby
57'Substitute on - Tom Ellis , Bath Rugby
55'Semesa Rokoduguni takes the ball on following the scrum. Bath move the ball through Denton and Batty but Quins turn the ball over.
53'Quins lineout is won they look to their maul to drive them further inside the Bath half. They're stopped, the referee tells them to use it, it doesn't come back and Bath get the put in to the scrum.
51'Kahn Fotuali?i turns the ball over again. Really poor play from Quins. A box kick gives the ball back to Quins and Yarde is put down close to halfway.
50'A second scrum-penalty given to Harlequins. Jackson kicks down the line. Immense forward effort from Quins given their injuries in the pack.
49'Bath are stopped in their tracks by a forward pass. Priestland, Jennings and Clark unable to exploit a two-on-one overlap. The ball isn't given and Quins have the scrum.
47'Jackson's kick rebounds off the posts. Three points between the teams.
47'9-12 Try - Marland Yarde , Harlequins
46'TRY - James Chisholm feeds Rob Buchanan on the left wing. He bulldozers the covering defender and Buchanan pops the ball up for Yarde to score.
44'Back under way with the scrum to Quins. Yarde holding back behind the scrum.
43'Quins win the lineout but the ball is stolen by Nathan Catt. The referee brings play back for a knock on with Louw unable to gather the pass. Quins scrum.
42'Visser claims really well and it sets Quins on the attack. The advantage is not over despite making 30 metres. Jackson kicks to touch on the Bath 22.
41'We are back under way. The handling on display might not suggest that the sun is shining down on the Rec. Lets hope the second half is better than the first.
41'+19-7 End of first half
40'Bath look to get in behind the Bath defence but another knock on kills the attack. The half-time whistle goes and it hasn't been a classic so far, with handling errors throughout a poor first-half.
40'9-7 Start of second half
38'The kick doesn't find touch and Bath counter-attack through Harry Davis. But Bath haven't gone anywhere in a few minutes, going side to side. Eventually Priestland kicks high, Jackson gathers, skips away from the tackle, gives it to Visser who is grounded. Bath turn the ball over, Priestland's box kick is poor.
36'Another turnover, this time from the Quins No. 8 Mat Luamanu on Semesa Rokoduguni. Quins break but Ross Batty is adjudged to have tackled high. They get the penalty.
35'Some kicks back and forth and inexplicably Mulchrone kicks the ball dead.Bath will have the lineout 10 metres outside the Quins 22.
35'9-7 Penalty goal - Rhys Priestland , Bath Rugby
33'Kahn Fotuali?i gives a cross-field kick that looks aimless. It is. But he has the penalty advantage and Priestland will certainly kick Bath back in front in front of the posts.
32'Early engagement at the scrum, 10 metres from their own line, by Quins, sees Bath on the front foot once more.
31'Bath should have been in. great run by Semesa Rokoduguni after a brilliant pop pass by Faletau. Rokoduguni is stopped, the ball spun wide and we have yet another knock on.
30'6-7 Conversion - Ruaridh Jackson , Harlequins
29'6-5 Try - Tim Visser , Harlequins
28'TRY - Scotland may have overlooked him but Tim Visser touches down after the ball is spread from left to right. TMO wants to check the strip in midfield and the last pass. The referee confirms the try.
27'Substitute on - George Merrick , Harlequins
27'Player substituted - Mark Reddish , Harlequins
25'Hopper's poor pass after the scrum is behind Jackson and Quins clear aimlessly, down the throat of Tom Homer who counters. Priestland's kick gives the ball back to Quins. Mulchrone kicks but the referee calls a time-off as Mark Reddish lies injured on the floor.
24'Bath win their lineout and Kahn Fotuali?i makes a break after he slams the ball off a Quins players at the breakdown. It pops back up to him. He breaks but his pass to Taulupe Faletau his poor and the ball is knocked forward. Scrum Quins.
23'Bath win the penalty at the scrum and Priestland kicks to halfway.
22'Jackson takes the ball to the line, a one-handed offload to Marland Yarde sees the winger knock the ball on inside the Bath 22. The game hasn't really got going yet.
20'Bath win the lineout but lose the ball. Quins run the ball back through Charlie Mulchrone but he too loses the ball forward. Bath then look to break but once more it is knocked forward. Not a show of handling ability here.
19'Real chance for Quins now. Another penalty at the lineout and Jackson kicks to touch inside the Bath 22.
18'Nathan Catt is penalised as he loses his bind in the scrum and Quins kick to touch to halfway.
16'They win the lineout but Bath knock the ball on through Taulupe Faletau who got a poor pass from Kahn Fotuali?i. Scrum Quins.
15'Another penalty to Bath who secure the kick-off and their maul is stopped illegally. Priestland to kick down the line.
15'6-0 Penalty goal - Rhys Priestland , Bath Rugby
13'Priestland kicks deep it leads to a Bath scrum, on the Quins 10 metre line. The home pack get the penalty advantage, nothing coming and Priestland will fancy his chances in front of the posts.
10'Bath gather in the lineout and spin wide. They are driven back inside their own half and in the end the win the penalty for not rolling away close to halfway.
8'Back come Quins through Visser and with Marland Yarde taking the ball on, he isolates himself and he's turned over by Kahn Fotuali?i.
7'Scrum goes down and it will be reset. This time the Quins pack dominates their Bath counterparts and attack down the left. Joe Marchant takes it down the left. Mark Reddish takes it on and when its spun back Matt Hopper knocks the ball on in contact.
6'Substitute on - Ross Batty , Bath Rugby
6'Player substituted - Tom Dunn , Bath Rugby
5'Some concern over Tom Dunn who lands awkwardly having gathered the restart and he's helped from the field.
5'3-0 Penalty goal - Rhys Priestland , Bath Rugby
3'Priestland kicks well in behind the Bath defence and Bath win the penalty for holding on thanks to Francois Louw's chase. Priestland to line it up.
1'We're under way and the first mistake of the day goes to Rhys Priestland who kicks the ball dead and we come back for a scrum from inside his own half.
1'Just about to get under way at the Recreation Ground as two former international 10s do battle. Rhys Priestland of Bath and Ruaridh Jackson of QUins.
1'0-0 Start of first half