Guseli aims to go big in Games halfpipe

alentino Guseli of Team Australia performs a trick during the Snowboard Halfpipe training session in Beijing. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

While all eyes are on his superstar teammate Scotty James, Australian teen snowboarder and Olympic debutant Valentino Guseli is feeling good about his chances.

The 16-year-old tested out the Zhangjiakou halfpipe in two training runs and said it was a good fit for his style.

Guseli, who last year took American legend Shaun White's world record for the highest air out of a halfpipe, likes to go big.

He enters the Olympic competition in impressive form, finishing sixth in last month's X Games, which was won by James.

"Being here is a dream come true and the pipe is so perfect," said Guseli, who is from Dalmeny on the NSW far south coast.

"I'm definitely going to push as hard as I can and it very much suits the amplitude style of riding which is what I definitely want to do, so I think it's going to be a very good time."

Guseli kept a close eye on the men's skateboard park event which made its debut at the Tokyo Olympics.

Fellow Australian teenager Keegan Palmer won the gold medal and 18-year-old Kieran Woolley finished fifth.

"When I saw Keegan win it, it was awesome and my friend Kieran did really well so I'm definitely drawing inspiration from that," he said.

"I want to match or do better than what they did as that's something that I watched and was super stoked to see."

While those boys were an inspiration to him, Guseli hopes he can be the same for other young snowboarders looking to pursue their Olympic dreams.

"I'm just pushing myself to go as big and be as clean and do the most technical tricks I can," he said.

"I really want to take this opportunity because there's a lot more people watching it than any other snowboard comp.

"So if I can push snowboarding out to an audience who haven't really seen it yet, and inspire others to snowboard than that's really why we do it."

The men's halfpipe is on Friday.