Australian Olympic sailors unfazed by polluted water in Guanabara Bay

Australian sailors are taking two simple steps to avoid illness from the polluted waters at their Olympic venue.

One, don't fall out of the boat.

Two, if falling out, close your mouth.

Fresh testing of waters at sailing venue Guanabara Bay show no improvement in quality ahead of the Games Games in Rio de Janeiro, which open on Friday.

But Australia's chef de mission, Kitty Chiller, says the team's sailors are "just getting on with" their preparations.

"We have had very strict health and hygiene protocols for all water-based sports for several years now, and the sailors really led the way with that," she said.

At the heart of the protocols?

"A, trying not to fall out of the boat; B, if they do fall out of the boat, to keep their mouth closed," Chiller said.

Other steps include showering as soon as they leave the water, frequent hand-washing, and avoiding touching ropes or boats with bare hands.

Chiller said marathon swimmers and triathletes who were likely to swallow water from the polluted waters at their Olympic venue, Copacabana, also were unfazed by the pollution.

"They said it's really not that much worse than other inner-city waterways that they swim in around the world at other events," she said.

"At this point in time, we ain't going to change the water quality in the next week so they will just get in and do their best."