Hits and Misses: Is Tedesco even the best fullback at the Roosters?

This week we take a look James Tedesco and his struggles at the Roosters, a classic coach-sacking, bounce-back performance, Reuben Garrick's near-death experience, another Maika Sivo bumper to the face and trouble in the Walters household with Kevin's attempt to sign Ben Hunt as hooker.

Read on as we take a look back at some of the biggest hits and misses of the weekend.


Teddy's struggles continue

There have been calls for James Tedesco to lose his position in the New South Wales team during what has been a less than stellar season by his lofty standards. Many would argue that an out-of-form Tedesco is still better than most fullbacks in the league, but there are now serious doubts over whether he is currently even the best fullback at the Roosters.

On Sunday against the Raiders he made a number of first-half errors which were pounced upon and helped Canberra to an 18-0 lead after half an hour.

"The first couple of tries, I've just got to own that. It was disappointing," Tedesco said after the loss.

"I've just got to be better there. There's not really any reason to it - I've got to be confident going up and taking them. Those two tries cost us in the end."

His main rival for the role at the Roosters, Joseph Manu, scored two tries in the 18-16 loss, while players such as Dylan Edwards, Clint Gutherson and Scott Drinkwater continue to put their hands up for the Blues job.


Punters and tippers surely grabbed the sacked coach bounce result?

Gold Coast Titans sacked coach Justin Holbrook during the week, announcing the signing of Des Hasler. There is a long history of clubs finding a shock surge of effort and form the same week their coach is sacked, but the Titans were playing their ladder-leading big brothers from Brisbane. Not many people bothered to change their tip or adjust their multis.

Sure enough with interim coach Jim Lenihan in charge and the shadow of Dessie looming on the horizon, the Titans lifted and played all over their disappointing rivals. The biggest difference being their defence, especially in the second half where they have been vulnerable all year.

Congratulations if you did jump on the Titans to win thanks to the magic of a mid-week coach sacking.


Sivo runs his bumper into another face

Twelve minutes into the Dolphins game against Parramatta and Eels winger Maika Sivo was testing "Tino's Law" again. Having caught the pass and tucked it safely under his left arm he straightened to face his opposition winger Jamayne Isaako. As Isaako moved in for the ball and all tackle, Sivo lifted his right forearm striking him in the jaw and neck.

Play was allowed to continue, before Sivo was placed on report, without a penalty being awarded. The Eels crossed for a try shortly after.

The Match Review Committee hit him with a wet lettuce leaf, despite it being his third such offence in recent times. He was charged with grade one dangerous contact and will be fined $3,000. It is hard to imagine Sivo or anyone else will stop this behaviour when there is little to no punishment for the offence.


Solo Molo one of very few highlights for the Dragons

The game was all but over when Dragons forward Frank Molo chased through on a grubber kick under the Warriors' posts. New Zealand fullback Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad seemingly had the ball covered picking it up neatly off his toes as he ran through.

Molo appeared to be diving at the fullback's legs to make the tackle, but he only had eyes for the ball and arrived just at the right moment. He was somehow able to grab the ball cleanly as Nicoll-Klokstad over-balanced and fell forward. The ball was grounded in the one action, as the Dragons celebrated one of very few high points in the game.


Garrick's life flashes before his eyes

Reuben Garrick will be the Manly fullback for the foreseeable future after Tom Trbojevic's torn pectoral muscle was confirmed as season ending.

In the 58th minute of the game against Melbourne, with the Storm leading 10-6, Garrick faced a fullback's worst nightmare as Nelson Asofa-Solomona broke through the line 20 metres out. The giant front rower was running like an outside back as Garrick tried to position himself to make a tackle. As the moment of truth struck Asofa-Solomona surprised everyone with a big step off his right foot, leaving Garrick stranded and unable to lay a hand on him.

He raced away to score under the posts and the Storm went on to a comfortable 24-6 victory. Garrick was probably grateful to avoid the equivalent of throwing yourself in front of a bus.


Thanks dad, I'll go play reserve grade

With Father's Day just a couple of months away, you have to wonder what Broncos coach Kevin Walters is expecting by way of a gift from his son, Billy. It has been widely reported that the Broncos have been making moves to sign Ben Hunt for the rest of the season, most likely to play hooker. Walters junior has been performing admirably in that role this year for the ladder-topping Brisbane side. At least Billy seems to be taking the news the right way.

"I would like to think I go alright, but I think Ben Hunt is a bit better player than me at nine," Billy Walters said after the Broncos' lost to the Titans.

"I am happy for him to come here. I am not sure what is going to happen with all of that.

"I suppose it is not my thing to worry about but I would quite happily take him."

It turns out the Dragons want no part in the potential Walters family rift. They have flatly refused to release Hunt from his contract, insisting that he remain and continue wearing the big Red V for another two years.