Roosters fight prop's high tackle charge

Siosiua Taukeiaho will fight a fine for his high shot on Nathan Cleary as the Sydney Roosters maintain their NRL prop's innocence over the hit.

The Roosters confirmed on Monday they would head to the NRL judiciary on Tuesday night, with Taukeiaho to avoid a ban regardless of the outcome.

Clubs have traditionally pleaded guilty to most fines since the introduction of the system given the costs associated with challenging, but there has been a move against that in recent months.

In Taukeiaho's case, the Roosters have been adamant from the moment he was sin-binned on Friday night there was nothing he could do to avoid the high shot.

Cleary slipped as he came into contact with the arm of the Roosters forward, dropping in height drastically on the slippery Penrith surface.

"I'm interested physically what Siosiua could have done there," Robinson said after the game.

"Was he supposed to jump out of the way?

"I think the NRL needs to explain what happens in those incidents. What do they want him to do?"

Taukeiaho could have accepted a $1700 fine for the incident, but that will now increase to $2250 if he is found guilty by the panel.

Crucially though, a not guilty verdict would mean Taukeiaho avoids a second strike against his name this year.

Players who are found guilty of two offences in a season cannot take fines for their third charge and beyond, meaning even the most minor or charges will attract a suspension.

Meanwhile, no players are facing bans from Sunday's NRL games, with Marata Niukore, Nathan Brown, Luke Thompson and Morgan Harper all able to take fines.