ESPN In The Crease podcast: How to listen, episode guide


Hosts Linda Cohn and Emily Kaplan bring their hockey expertise and passion for the sport, discussing the latest news around the league as well as interviewing the biggest names both on and off the ice.

Longtime SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn was the goalie on her high school boy's team and has kept that love of hockey throughout her life. She is a host of "In the Crease" on ESPN+ as well. Emily Kaplan joined ESPN in 2017 covering the NHL and is known for her in-depth stories on athletes.

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Breaking news and betting hockey

Linda and Emily start off with breaking news surrounding Evander Kane. Then, Linda recaps her first time reporting from between the benches. Later on, they're joined by ESPN senior NHL writer Greg Wyshynski, who talks about betting on hockey and why it's so difficult.

The first game hype is real

Linda and Emily dive into their experiences on opening night, what they're most looking forward to as teams play their first games, and Emily even teaches us a new language...

The NHL season is here!

Linda and Emily are joined by ESPN's Kevin Weekes to preview opening night, and give fans everything they need to know heading into this season.

It's okay to NOT be okay

Linda and Kaplan start today's episode with the latest news surrounding mental health with NHL goalie Carey Price taking a leave of absence from the Montreal Canadiens. After that, former NHL goalie Corey Hirsch joins the show to share an important message to players and coaches around the league dealing with mental health issues. Later on, Emily and Linda give an update on Robin Lehner and Jack Eichel, take a deep dive into the Metro Division, and more!

Twitter rants and frustrated players

Linda and Emily start off this episode with some of the latest news around the league, including Robin Lehner's tweets and Jack Eichel's situation. After that, they dive into the Atlantic division with their thoughts on who will emerge as the top contenders, and who will struggle to make it through the regular season.

We're changing the game

Linda and Emily start off this episode with a discussion on how the NHL is evolving and showing more personality. But trust us, there's more room to grow. After that, they give you their expert opinions on every team in the Pacific division.

Back to "normalcy"

Linda and Emily are happy we're back to a "normal" NHL season as they dive into their thoughts on each team in the Central Division. Then, the ladies give you their preseason predictions on who out of the Central Division will make it to the playoffs. After that, we hear what Anaheim Ducks goalie John Gibson did this offseason and we promise you ... it's not what you're expecting!

Accepting change and seeking help

Welcome back to the In the Crease Podcast with Linda Cohn and Emily Kaplan! We start off today's episode with news from Buffalo regarding their now former captain Jack Eichel. Then, Linda shares an update on Evander Kane before Emily starts a discussion on vaccinated NHL players. After that, we hear from the L.A. Kings' Drew Doughty, who shares his experience with therapy, eating junk food on off days, how team bonding has changed over the years, and more!

Find the positive because haters are gonna hate!

Welcome to the debut episode of In The Crease! Hosts Linda Cohn and Emily Kaplan start off their first episode with all the news and major storylines hockey fans need to know heading into the 2021-2022 season. Linda even breaks some news regarding an ongoing story out of Minnesota. After that, Tampa Bay's Steven Stamkos shares stories of his second time winning the Stanley Cup, he elaborates on his friendship with NFL's Tom Brady, and more!