Midges invade stadium ahead of Los Angeles Chargers-Cleveland Browns clash


CLEVELAND -- The Lake Erie midges are back.

The flying, mosquito-like insects -- which thankfully don't bite -- were swarming around FirstEnergy Stadium on Sunday leading up to the Cleveland Browns' Week 5 clash with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Players from both the Browns and Chargers were seen swatting away the midges while warming up. Fans were doing the same from the stands.

Midges emerge from Lake Erie when the lake cools in the fall in order to mate.

They famously harassed New York Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain during the 2007 ALDS against Cleveland. Chamberlain, seemingly affected by the swarm of midges buzzing around his face, walked a batter and threw two wild pitches, which allowed Cleveland to tie the game, eventually win it, and ultimately take the series. Chamberlain recalled the incident on Twitter.

The Cleveland Guardians and Yankees meet in the ALDS again this week.

In the meantime, the midges could have their say in Sunday's football game as well.