Why the 2022 NFL draft tight end class could be historic: Where it ranks among best all-time, top prospects, more

Bryce Young ties career high with 5th passing TD of game (0:31)

Bryce Young extends Alabama's lead with a 5-yard passing touchdown to Jahleel Billingsley. (0:31)

This 2022 NFL draft tight end class is the best I've seen in nearly a decade and has the chance to really stand out when we look back at it in a few years. It could truly be one of the best ever.

No, it doesn't have a star prospect. There isn't a Kyle Pitts or a T.J. Hockenson, and I'd be shocked to see any of the 2022 tight ends go in the top 10. In fact, there isn't even a surefire first-round pick. So why is the 2022 group so special?

Simply put, it has more potential No. 1 and No. 2 NFL tight ends than any other recent class, led by Colorado State's Trey McBride. Beyond a handful of Day 1 starters, there's an abundance of talented receivers and effective blockers who will play important situational roles right out of the gate while continuing to develop.

Let's answer six big questions about the tight end group this year and its top prospects, including how it stacks up with other recent classes. Who are the potential standouts -- and the later-round sleepers -- and why might they shine in the NFL? Let's dive in.

How does 2022 compare to recent tight end classes?