JackJumpers coach Roth condemns Vasiljevic death threats

Tasmania JackJumpers coach Scott Roth has condemned the abuse directed at Sydney Kings guard Dejan Vasiljevic, saying he loved the player's celebration of his game-clinching shot in Hobart last Sunday.

Shooting guard Vasiljevic hit a clutch three-pointer with eight seconds to go, his emotional celebration triggering online abuse including a death threat.

The teams clash in Sydney on Wednesday, with the Kings looking to score a 3-0 sweep in the best-of-five series.

"He made a big shot, I loved the celebration to be honest with you. I thought it was great," Roth said.

"He's a passionate kid who has been playing his arse off, and I love it. We have to do better against him.

"The death threat part of it is just unacceptable in any place and anywhere."

Vasiljevic said he had experienced online abuse before but would continue to use platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

"I've had it throughout my college career, just a bunch of keyboard warriors. They will be tough behind a screen," Vasiljevic said.

"I hit the biggest shot of my career so far, of course I'm going to celebrate for a minute or two.

"I think I overdid it a little bit at the end and I apologised."

Sydney CEO Chris Pongrass said he had already contacted the NBL over the abuse Vasiljevic received.

"The process for that involves Basketball Australia's integrity unit and they are great. They are very quick in responding," Pongrass said.

"We've had quick feedback from them.

"We often tell them (the players) to stay away from social media and don't engage with fans who are speaking ill of them, and try and focus on the job.

"It's also hard with social media nowadays, they can tag you, they can send you DMs, they can do things that it's difficult to stay away from and they (the players) see it."

Kings coach Chase Buford will strive to control his emotions better after being fined $350 for kicking an LED hoarding in Hobart on Sunday.

"I've got to figure out a way to control my emotions and not be controlled by them in moments, while still retaining that passion," Buford said.