They did it, Jennifer: Blazers pay off McCollum's tweet promise

McCollum splits two defenders for and-1 floater (0:32)

CJ McCollum makes a nifty move to the basket splitting the screen and the defender for the and-1 floater. (0:32)

Last summer -- during the down days of the NBA offseason, when fans were looking for anything to talk about -- an old quote from CJ McCollum about NBA superteams resurfaced, in the aftermath of Kevin Durant's appearance on McCollum's podcast. McCollum responded to the criticism, with one response in particular capturing the immediate attention of NBA Twitter.

With three simple words, a rallying cry -- along with countless memes and T-shirts -- was born. When the Portland Trail Blazers defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 1 Sunday, snapping a 10-game losing streak in the postseason, the Blazers quickly made sure who the win was dedicated to.