The social media reaction to DeMarcus Cousins joining the Warriors

Spears: Boogie 'stunned' Pelicans 'didn't want' him (1:14)

Marc Spears says DeMarcus Cousins was shocked by the Pelicans' free agency decisions and says he "expects to be ready" for training camp. (1:14)

NBA observers thought they were safe after digesting the news that LeBron James would go West to the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night. Folks got too comfortable Monday, however, and the defending champion Golden State Warriors shook up the world again by adding yet another All-Star.

That's right: free-agent center DeMarcus Cousins will leave the New Orleans Pelicans to join the Warriors for a season. Cousins may not be available until the winter, but that didn't stop people from wondering how the latest installment of Bay Area destruction would impact any and all basketball plans:

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