NBA set to host game on Australian soil, says NBL owner

Ron Hoskins/Getty Images

The National Basketball League believes it has a foot in the door and it's just a matter of time until Australia hosts a NBA competition game.

The NBL is partnering with NBA and FIBA (International Basketball Federation) to host Basketball Without Borders; the first time the prestigious camp has been held in Australia.

Since the first camp in 2001, almost 40 players who have attended have been drafted into the NBA including 21 who featured on opening-night rosters for the 2015-16 season.

NBA stars and coaches will travel to Melbourne next month for the four-day youth camp, attended by youth born in 1999 from around the Asia Pacific region.

NBL owner Larry Kestelman said he had been talking to the NBA about a game being played and the signs were very positive.

"The NBA is very supportive of partnering with us to do that, so we're in dialogue ... it's more a question of when, not if, any more," Kestelman said.

He said the NBA was closely watching how they delivered on the youth camp and success would boost their campaign for a game.

"The NBA is a very professional organisation and they won't accept anything but a professionally run event," said Kestelman, who bought a controlling stake last year in the league.

"What they're looking for is how we deliver on this event.

"We can talk a good talk but they want to see how we deliver on the walk."

The NBA is still to announce the line-up of players and coaches however Australian Joe Ingles, who plays for Utah Jazz, says he's a certain starter as long as it fits with Olympics plans.

Ingles said he and other Australians who played in the NBA had campaigned the organisation to do something in Australia and a camp was a step in the right direction.

"We had a meeting in the pre-season and said that there's been nothing in Australia and it's turned around in nine months and we've got one of the biggest and best camps that the NBA does," Ingles said.

"I'm sure players and coaches will be fighting for the tickets to get out here."