How 6-foot-3 point guard Ja Morant turned into the NBA's leading interior scorer

Morant drops 28 to lead Grizzlies to win over Clippers (1:46)

Ja Morant stars for the Grizzlies in their 120-108 win over the Clippers. (1:46)

The modern NBA is obsessed with pace, space and 3-point scoring. In the midst of that revolution, a new type of attack guard is poised to exploit new opportunities in the middle of the floor, where defenses that have spread out to defend the 3 have left the rim less protected than ever.

While big men like Joel Embiid, Anthony Davis and Deandre Ayton are all averaging big numbers in the paint, they're all also looking up at someone far shorter who is flipping the conventional wisdom on being a dominating paint scorer.