Darren Till wants to fight at Anfield soccer stadium next, not Las Vegas

Darren Till hopes to persuade UFC president Dana White that he can fill Anfield with 65,000 fight fans. Per Haljestam/USA TODAY Sports

LIVERPOOL, England -- Darren Till wants his next fight to be later this year at Anfield, Liverpool FC's football stadium, rather than in the UFC's home base of Las Vegas and said he doesn't believe he deserves a title shot next.

Till (17-0-1) claimed a unanimous decision victory over No. 1 welterweight contender Stephen Thompson on Sunday in front of a sold out Echo Arena.

Despite achieving a life goal of his to sell out an arena in his home city, the undefeated fighter admitted it wasn't all perfect despite a victory after missing weight by 3.5 pounds on Saturday.

"I just had to take a moment before I stepped in the Octagon," Till said after the fight. "It was a very proud moment for me.

"I missed weight; I can't do anything about it. The night I had to cut weight, I had some problems I had to attend to while trying to cut weight, so I attended to them. There are no excuses. I am truly embarrassed by it.

"I think Stephen deserves a go at the interim more than I do myself. I just beat him in a close fight, but give it to Stephen. He made weight. He's beat more guys than me.

"For starters, I missed weight so I don't feel like I deserve a title shot anyway.

"Stephen probably deserves it. Maybe Stephen and Kamaru Usman deserve it more. I still want to beat them all. I want to come back and put this weight thing behind me."

Along with fixing his weight problems for future bouts, Till also insisted he's clamoring for a fight at Liverpool's football stadium rather than a bout in America.

"We'll see. I want to bring it to Anfield," he added in response to a question about UFC president Dana White saying Till's next fight would be in Las Vegas. "America's amazing. We all know about Las Vegas and Madison Square Garden, but why can't I be the guy to bring the UFC to a stadium here in England, here in Liverpool?

"It doesn't matter who you are, I'll say f--- you. I don't care. To me, I want a stadium on a pay-per-view at Anfield.

"I had the dream at the Echo. That's been done now. Dana's the boss, but manifestation, that's what it's all about.

"I'm not going to refuse it. If Dana says, 'You're fighting in Vegas,' I'll say OK. But I'll try and convince him.

"I'll say, 'Listen, believe in me like I believe in myself.' Ten thousand [fans] might travel over there, but 65,000 will fill Anfield. Maybe more. I know I can fill that s--- out."

"I want to fight soon. August, September. Darren Till versus somebody else. I can already see it happening. That's the key to manifestation.

"I'll try and convince [White] the best I can with my little Scouse charm and see where it goes."

Till has not fought professionally in the United States, and his appearance at the Echo Arena was his first fight in the U.K.