The Whammys' Final Four: What is baseball's best walk-up song?

MLB Walkup Music Tournament Final Four ESPN illustration - Mike Facciolo

After a series of upsets in the first round, the Sweet 16 and the Elite Eight, we're down to the final four of the MLB walk-up music tournament. It's old-school crooner Frank Sinatra vs. new-school rapper Andy Mineo in the first matchup, and a classic rock battle between Led Zeppelin and Ted Nugent in the second showdown.

Who will advance to the championship round? Vote for your choice via our #WalkupVote on Twitter. Voting continues through Sunday, when the Whammys winner will be announced on Sunday Night Baseball (ESPN, 8 p.m. ET).

To cast your vote, tweet #WalkupVote and the name of the song.


Frank Sinatra

"Fly Me To The Moon" (Spotify)
Reds third baseman Todd Frazier on why he uses fellow Jersey boy Sinatra's song: "I hated the music when I was younger. It was always playing in my grandparents' house when I was a kid. There's no beat, just a little rhythm, but you couldn't really dance to it besides the waltz or whatever. But as I got older, I started to understand the meaning of the song. Now it reminds me of my grandparents."



Andy Mineo

"You Can't Stop Me" (Spotify)
Players who've used the song as walk-up music: Michael McKenry, Justin Maxwell, Logan Morrison

Mineo, whose legion of Twitter followers have helped his song build momentum, got a celebrity endorsement from his friend Andrew McCutchen. The Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder and his wife, Maria, each Tweeted support for "You Can't Stop Me" in earlier rounds.


Led Zeppelin

"Kashmir" (Spotify)
Players who've used "Kashmir" as walk-up music: Chase Utley, Huston Street, Adam Liberatore, Ryan Lavarnway, Scott Kazmir, Jeff Samardzija
Utley on "Kashmir": "My sister-in-law suggested the song. I listened to it and thought it was cool, so I went with it. It seemed to work, and I didn't want to jinx anything, so I stuck with it. Sometimes, I don't even hear it, to be honest with you. I came up at a time when [walk-up music] was just kind of getting started. Now it seems like the first thing rookies do is request a song to come out to."



Ted Nugent

"Stranglehold" (Spotify)
Players who've used "Stranglehold" as walk-up music: Burke Badenhop, Joe Thatcher, Tanner Roark

Has striding to the mound accompanied by Nugent's gonzo guitar solo in "Stranglehold" inspired the Washington Nationals right-hander? Looks like Roark can strum a little himself.

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