Patrick Cantlay's hat endorsement not renewed by Goldman Sachs

Patrick Cantlay's headwear is in the news again.

Goldman Sachs no longer will pay Cantlay to endorse the financial services giant on his golf hat, The New York Times DealBook reported Tuesday. This came almost two months after Cantlay rejected wearing the United States' team hat at the Ryder Cup.

At the time, Cantlay said he didn't like the fit as speculation spread that the former FedEx Cup champion was protesting that the players weren't paid for the Ryder Cup participation. He denied that.

European fans at the Ryder Cup, played near Rome, harassed Cantlay over the hat.

In a statement to DealBook, Goldman Sachs said not renewing Cantlay as an endorser is routine business.

"We constantly evaluate the firm's partnerships, and at this time, our logo will no longer appear on his hat," a Goldman Sachs spokesperson said.

According to the report, Cantlay and the financial services company had a four-year deal but are not severing ties. He could appear at Goldman Sachs events.

It is unknown whether Cantlay will wear a hat on the PGA Tour next season.

Cantlay, 31, has eight tour wins but none in 2023. He is the No. 5 player in the world rankings.