Real Madrid's Isco named by protected witness in sex scandal - report

The protected witness who alleged that Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea helped to arrange a coerced sexual encounter with two Spain under-21 players in 2012 has confirmed the names of both players, according to a Spanish TV report.

The unnamed witness, who last week named one of the players as Athletic Bilbao's Iker Muniain, says the second player was Real Madrid midfielder Francisco "Isco" Alarcon Suarez in testimony released on the daytime TV show "Ana Rosa on Telecinco."

The show on Thursday published new extracts of testimony made by the witness during investigations into the case of Spanish pornographer Ignacio Allende Fern√°ndez, known as "Torbe."

The testimony was made on June 6 before a judge from the Human Rights Brigade, according a report in, the newspaper that first reported the story.

In earlier testimony reported last week, the witness had initially identified Isco, but later said she may have been mistaken about his identity.

The witness said she exchanged WhatsApp messages with De Gea because she was not sure who the second football player was in the hotel room and initially thought it to be the current Manchester United goalkeeper.

But in the messages, which were also made public, De Gea said he was not in the hotel room and did not know who the second player was. She has now identified him as Isco.

The witness had earlier stated that De Gea had arranged, through Torbe, for two footballers to meet her and another girl at a five-star hotel in central Madrid, where according to the witness the women were raped.

In her statement before the judge this month, the witness reportedly said: "The other girl stayed on a lower floor with one player while I went up stairs with one of the others. They made us strip our clothes off, ordered us down on our knees and started to [abuse us,]" she said. "The players said to us that we had to be careful, that we could not take any kinds of photographs or tell anyone what had happened."

On the TV show, the witness said that after the encounter she made contact with one of the players to have proof for when she got the courage to file a formal complaint, because she said the first police statements, taken in Murcia, did not include some of the details which only later she dared to include in statements.

Below is an extract of the direct questioning of the protected witness by the judge after the initial testimony had been given, as reported by media in Spain on Thursday following the Telecinco program.

Judge: "You say that there was cocaine in the room?"

Witness: "Yes, on one of the bedside tables."

Judge: "Did the police ask you to name the players in your first statement?"

Witness: "Yes. I seem to remember they did."

Judge: "And did you give the names of the footballers?"

Witness: "Yes, in the UCRIF (Police unit which deals with Human trafficking and false documentation) in Murcia."

Judge: "In Murcia? I am asking you because you did not specify that in your statement."

Judge: "Who were the players involved? I am asking you to corroborate what you are saying."

Witness: "Iker Muniain, Isco and, as the intermediary, David de Gea."

Judge: "You have said that these football players assaulted you, is that correct?"

Witness: "Yes."

Judge: "That you took part in sexual activity, under threat, is that correct?"

Witness: "Yes."

Judge: "You did not give your consent?"

Witness: "That's right, nor did the other girl."

Judge: "Afterwards, did you maintain any kind of relationship with these players?"

Witness: "No. The conversation on WhatsApp was to have proof for the day when I felt brave enough to make a formal complaint."

Judge: "Of course, in that conversation on WhatsApp, the one with Iker Muniain, did you say that you enjoyed the night which the four of you spent together at the hotel?"

Witness: "I only said that so he would verify that we were really there."

Judge: "And with De Gea, did you say that if they were to organise a party with five friends, you would be able to attend to all five?"

Witness: "I said that to get information."

Judge: "Why did you not disclose that to the police or tell the police in Murcia?"

Witness: "I did mention it to them."

Judge: "No, you only mentioned it in May of this year but not in that first statement in Murcia."

Witness: "Well obviously because I was in shock and I couldn't use the images I had saved in an e-mail."

In 2012, at the time of this alleged incident, Isco was playing for Malaga.

De Gea, Muniain and Isco played together in the UEFA Under-21 Championship in 2013, with Spain winning the tournament held in Israel.

De Gea is currently playing for the Spanish national team at the European Championship in France. The goalkeeper has denied the reports.