Manchester City's Bernardo Silva cooking, playing piano during lockdown

Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva says he is playing the piano and learning to cook during the coronavirus lockdown.

Silva has been self-isolating in Portugal since the pandemic caused football to shut down, and the 25-year-old is using his unexpected free time to pick up some new skills.

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"I've been watching Netflix, plenty of sports during the day, playing the piano, learning how to cook better," said Silva.

"It is a good opportunity. My friends are very good cooks, so they have been teaching me a lot of things. It is time to try and enjoy ourselves at home and that is what I have been trying to do. I'm not very good [at the piano] but trying my best and I am improving a lot.

"It is a good way to spend my time and keep entertained and I am happy with it. I started taking lessons in Manchester city centre. Now is just a good time to practice a lot and I am improving."

With the Premier League and the Champions League suspended indefinitely, Silva does not know when he will be returning to the training pitches.

City have sent out individual training programmes to their players and Pep Guardiola and his coaching staff have been monitoring their fitness remotely.

"I am in Portugal right now, in Lisbon, and here I am in the countryside, one hour away from where I live in Lisbon," said Silva.

"There is not a lot to do but I run a lot, I have a bicycle, so I try to do my exercises as much as I can. The club has sent me some material, they sent me all of the programmes, everything they want me to do and I have been trying to follow that as much as I can.

"The club is taking care of everything. They are concerned about the things I am doing to keep myself fit, the way I eat, where I am, if I am OK or not feeling fine.

"Everything is being taken care of and nothing is missing."