Orphans in Malawi receive over 100 Sadio Mane No. 19 shirts

Orphans in Malawi play football in their new Sadio Mane shirts. KitAid

Orphans in Malawi have received over 100 Sadio Mane Liverpool shirts after they were donated when the forward changed his squad number over the summer.

Mane took up Liverpool's No. 10 shirt in July, with Liverpool offering fans, who had already purchased a 2018-19 shirt with his previous squad number of No. 19 on the back, the opportunity of a like-for-like exchange for a No. 10 strip.

The No. 19 shirts were gathered by Liverpool and then handed to the charity KitAid as they worked with Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) to distribute the kit to underprivileged children in Malawi.

The Mane shirts recently arrived in Mulanje, a district of Malawi, to jubilant scenes among the children.

"It's like a dream for the children in the villages, getting a t-shirt that they never thought they would get," Mary Woodworth, founder of FOMO told ESPN FC. "It's just magical basically.

"It will make a big difference, especially in the villages. Because they don't have the means of getting any money or to be able to buy one t-shirt. It's a dream come true [for them]."

KitAid is in its 20th year and recycles unwanted football kits by distributing them to some of the world's poorest countries.

"We have a saying, which is: 'It's more than just a shirt,'" founder Derrick Williams told ESPN FC. "And it really is because when you go out you see the kids that are desperate for football kit to be part of a team.

"We hear stories where if they haven't got [a] kit then their team isn't allowed into a league, which is really heartbreaking. So it's great that we can provide that by working through organisations like FOMO in Malawi."