Juventus women's star Aluko: I was treated like Pablo Escobar at Turin airport

Juventus women's player Eni Aluko has said she felt discriminated against while in Turin and was treated like former Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar when walking through an airport.

The ex-England international joined Juve from Chelsea in 2018 and scored 13 league goals in 20 appearances. However, she announced she will be leaving the Bianconere at the end of the year.

While Aluko said she has enjoyed here time at the club and did not suffer any racism, she criticised the general reaction within the country's football community to the issue.

"Sometimes Turin feels a couple of decades behind in terms of its general openness to different kinds of people," she wrote in The Guardian. "I have grown tired of walking into stores and feeling as if the owner expects me to rob the place.

"There is only so many times you can arrive at Turin airport and have the sniffer dogs treat you like you are Pablo Escobar.

"I have not experienced any racism from Juventus fans or within the women's league, but there is an issue in Italy and in Italian football and it is the response to it that really worries me, from owners and fans in the men's game who seem to see it as a part of fan culture."