'CFA won't take any further steps' against Hulk over alleged punching

Shanghai SIPG striker Hulk is not expected to face any further action over his alleged altercation with a Guizhou Zhicheng coach at halftime in his side's 3-0 Chinese Super League win on Saturday.

Li Bing, head coach of Guizhou, claimed in his post-match press conference and on Chinese social media outlet weibo that the Brazilian had punched his assistant coach Yu Ming.

SIPG denied the allegations and CSL vice director Li Lipeng told Chinese media he did not believe the matter would go further.

"There was a minor argument," Li Lipeng was quoted as saying by Titan Sports. "From what we have seen, there is no evidence to show that the situation can be defined as a disciplinary offence.

"Both clubs had an understandable desire to win the match, and at the late stage of the first half those intentions reached a high level and extended into the break. From our understanding the situation was not as bad as first thought."

Li Bing claimed Hulk, who scored the second of SIPG's three goals on Sunday, had cursed at his assistant before punching him and that "no matter how well you play, you can't despise Chinese people, let alone beat our Chinese coaches."

Li Lipeng, however, criticised Li Bing's decision to discuss the issue in the post-match press conference and on social media.

"Throwing words around through the press or on the internet is not the preferred or formal way to communicate," he said. "Before we receive any formal request we can only pay attention.

"Now we have started the formal process, and are coordinating the information exchange and communication. The rest we will leave in the hands of both clubs.

"The CFA won't take any further steps if both sides decide to end the matter here."