Ronaldinho staying in luxury hotel with pool while on house arrest in Paraguay

Ex-Barcelona and Brazil star Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto Assis, have spent their second week under house arrest in Paraguay in separate $350-per-night luxury suites on their own floors in a hotel in Asuncion.

The two also have use of outdoor grounds, a pool and a ballroom in which they are practicing their football skills.

Ronaldinho is awaiting trial for entering the country under a false passport and is currently under police custody at the hotel. The 2002 World Cup winner and his brother await a new date for their trial, which is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The two spent 32 days in a Paraguay jail before being released to house arrest on April 7.

The 40-year-old World Cup winner and his business-manager brother Roberto are occupying two suites at the otherwise deserted Colonial-style Palmaroga hotel, just a couple of blocks from the government headquarters.

"Yesterday they brought him a regulation football. We set up a room -- about 30 metres by 15 -- for him to be able to practice his juggling skills," hotel manager Emilio Yegros told Agence France-Presse.

"He seems like a good sort. He always has a smile, like his brother," said Yegros. "His face has changed from his first day here. When he arrived he was tense and visibly stressed."

The former Barcelona star has been spending his days working out in the hotel gym, practicing his legendary juggling skills, and wandering the echoing halls of the 6,000 square-meter building, refurbished in 2019 and owned by the Spain-based Barcelona Group.

Although they are cleared to receive visitors, the two cannot do so within the hotel, which has banned unauthorised guests. Nor can family travel to visit because the borders between Brazil and Paraguay are closed due to the pandemic.

The two had been denied bail three times previously because they were seen as flight risks, but a judge eventually granted them house arrest in exchange for a bail payment of $1.6 million.

A source told ESPN that the two are speaking daily with their family, their mother and their friends and that Ronaldinho is much calmer at the hotel than he was in jail and is eager for this to all be over so he can return home.