Zlatan Ibrahimovic picks 'Zion' to win in his NCAA tournament bracket

This is Zlatan Ibrahimovic's second year in the United States, and he continues to adjust to the culture. The latest example? He's filled out an NCAA tournament bracket. Kinda.

Like many experts, the LA Galaxy forward seems to think Duke will win it all -- or rather, that "Zion" will, proof that Blue Devils star Zion Williamson has another high-profile admirer. (But don't discount the possibility that Zlatan, noted fan of Zlatan that he is, went to pen his own name as the champion before correcting himself.) As for the rest of his picks ...

Whether or not you know much about American college basketball, you oughta be able to beat Zlatan's otherwise-empty bracket. Still, to know for sure, play ESPN's Tournament Challenge.