Philadelphia Union unveil new soccer-loving snake mascot 'Phang'

With eight games left of the regular season, Philadelphia Union have chosen now as the perfect time to welcome a brand new club mascot on board.

The MLS side took the time to introduce the world to Phang, the soccer-loving snake who they hope will help propel the club to greater heights.

Phang was hatched from a glowing, gaseous blue egg at Philly Zoo, much to the amazement of the local schoolchildren who had gathered to witness his "birth."

The egg was originally planted by Union in a local grocery store where it was found by a young fan who then took it to the zoo where, over the course of a few weeks, it "grew" to five times its original size before hatching on Monday.

The curious dance moves and large golden mohawk we are both willing to overlook, but why does Phang have arms and legs if he's supposed to be a snake?