'Siesta hour' preventing Spain from watching daily World Cup openers

The first World Cup matches of the day have provided some real eye-openers -- unless, of course, you're Koke.

The Spain midfielder said that he and his teammates have traditionally missed the early kickoffs because they interfere with their siesta.

"We watch other games as we can," Koke told El Pais. "The first coincides with our siesta hour and the second with training. We only get to see the third during dinner."

That means they've missed out on the delight of Japan's win over 10-man Colombia and Brazil's pair of added-time goals in a victory against Costa Rica on Friday.

Spain's first two group-stage games kicked off in the evening and their third game, against Morocco on Monday, will be much of the same.

But considering they drew Portugal in a thriller and had to hold on late to beat Iran, it's not as though they've been sleepwalking through their games anyway.