Werder Bremen forward Max Kruse launches motor racing team

Not content with being a professional footballer and a pro-standard poker player, Werder Bremen forward Max Kruse has added a third string to his bow.

The 29-year-old has launched his own motor racing team called, slightly unimaginatively, Max Kruse Racing (MKR).

MKR was officially launched at the beginning of January and the team have already signed their first driver in the shape of touring car star Benjamin Leuchter, a former colleague of Sebastian Vettel at junior level.

As well as the hunt for podiums and championships, road safety is central to the MKR ethos, with Kruse's team offering driver training both for budding race drivers, businesses and even fellow footballers.

"Footballers especially often drive fast cars without being able to control them in borderline situations," Kruse told Bremen's official site.

"With our training program we want to guide you to responsible driving."

How thoroughly commendable. Here's wishing him all the best.