Bayern Munich shopping sentence for 1860 Munich fans

A judge in Germany has decided to force a pair of 1860 Munich fans to suffer the ultimate ignominy as punishment for an unprovoked attack on a rival fan.

According to Bild, the two 1860 fans ripped the jacket, shirt and hat of the Bayern Munich fan last year.

However, in a bid to show that, in her words, "football is football and not a battlefield", judge Karin Jung decided to give the two defendants an unorthodox choice when it came to their sentencing.

After being found guilty, Jung gave the pair the option of either serving 15 months in prison or embarking on an embarrassing trip to Bayern's official club shop to replace the merchandise they damaged during the attack.

"I thought about what would be really painful to them, and doing something like this really bothers this type of people," said Jung who, it should be noted, made sure to get the victim's consent before passing her quirky sentence.

The trolley dash around Bayern's store didn't come cheap for the 1860 fans either, with the two men each ordered to pay approximately €500 in compensation before handing over the Bayern shirt, scarf and hat in court.

Well played, that judge!