Gerard Butler falls victim to Daniel Ricciardo shoey in Austin

Actor Gerard Butler does a shoey on the podium with Daniel Ricciardo. Lars Baron/Getty Images

No-one is safe from the shoey.

Daniel Ricciardo promised he would not do the shoey again if he didn't win a race, and he kept that promise after finishing third at the U.S. Grand Prix. The Australian instead turned to Scottish actor Gerard Butler, famous for his role as a Spartan in the film 300, who was doing the podium interviews.

After Butler had interviewed Ricciardo, the Australian flashed a trademark grin.

"Just quickly," he said. "I hear Mr Butler does not drink alcohol, I respect that completely but I believe he's going to drink some Red Bull out of my shoe right now. The race wasn't that exciting but hopefully now."

Butler, reluctantly, took Ricciardo's sweaty shoe, saying: "Listen I love Red Bull, you've got to be kidding me.... I hate you."

After chugging the Red Bull in one go, Butler laughed and said: "It's actually quite tasty!"

Butler then theatrically fell to the floor, prompting an excited Ricciardo to say: "Medic! Medic!"

Race winner Hamilton was then up for the final podium question, but he had no interest in talking about the race after what he'd just watched.

"How did that taste?" the world champion asked.

Butler replied: "Well Red Bull is quite a powerful drink... so fortunately it tastes mostly of Red Bull."

Ricciardo later revealed he had successfully got Butler to sign the shoe in question.