Fernando Alonso: Halo would have been 'very welcome' in Australia crash

Kalisz/Sutton Images

Fernando Alonso says the Halo device would have been "very welcome" in his Australian Grand Prix shunt because of the concerns he had about injuring his head.

Alonso suffered broken ribs in the violent crash, which included a scary series of barrel rolls, and will sit out the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend as a precaution. After Melbourne, McLaren teammate Jenson Button said Alonso's crash should not be used as an argument against the Halo protection device being considered for introduction next year.

Asked if Halo would have prevented his speedy exit from the car, Alonso replied: "I don't know if I could get out of the car as quick as I did. I guess so, because I'm sure the system is designed to look at all the scenarios. But probably my only concern when I was rolling over was just to avoid hitting the head because I was very tight from the [seat]belts and flying.

"I didn't feel any risk at all in the middle of the accident apart from my head that I wanted not to crash with anything. The Halo was probably very welcome in my crash as well because I would avoid that concern while I'm flying."

Alonso said after the race in Melbourne he exited the car as quickly as he could because he knew his mother was watching the race and did not want to worry her. The Spaniard reveals he had no concerns about a potential electric shock when he climbed out as he could not see the cables hanging out of the back of his wrecked McLaren.

"I didn't see anything, you just try to go out of the car. At that point you just want to put your feet on the ground and walk away, that's the only thing you are thinking at that moment."