No ultra-soft tyre in Baku due to lack of data

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Pirelli will not take its new ultra-soft compound to Azerbaijan's inaugural race due to a lack of data.

Pirelli has announced it will take the medium, soft and super-soft tyres to the Baku street race on June 19, despite the new purple-striped tyre being designed primarily for that type of circuit. Because it is a new addition to the calendar Pirelli has have the relevant information it needs to determine whether the new compound would be a safe choice.

"We did not have an opportunity to measure the tarmac [in Baku] and the tarmac roughness is an important parameter to define the choices," said Mario Isola, Pirelli's racing director. "Probably soft, super-soft, and ultra-soft is the best choice for Azerbaijan but we can only rely on some simulations from the teams and the track layout. This is all what we have on our hand so we cannot take a risk in selecting the ultra-soft without additional information."

The ultra-soft tyre was used by several teams during the two weeks of testing in Barcelona, though it barely lasted a lap at the Circuit de Catalunya. Isola admits the Spanish circuit was not the best place to test the softest compounds in its P-Zero range, which is why Mercedes opted not to use either over the eight days, and admits there should have been tests conducted at other circuits.

"Keep in mind that [Barcelona] is not a circuit for ultra-soft and super-soft. We need to pay attention when considering the data from the lap times because we should have tested the ultra-soft, supersoft, and soft in Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and Monte Carlo, not in Barcelona."