Modern Warfare's Season 5 blows roof off Warzone Stadium, adds multiplayer maps

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's fifth season will open up Warzone's Stadium, add a moving train to the Warzone map and bring four new multiplayer maps into the fray, Infinity Ward revealed Monday.

Previously, the stadium had been covered in Warzone, and players could drop only on top of it and run around it. But with the arrival of Season 5, the roof has literally been blown off and players will be able to drop into the stadium itself. The trailer also features a train going around the map; the trailer shows it crushing a vehicle and players landing on the train.

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Multiplayer maps also are a focus in Season 5, with 6-on-6 playlist maps Suldal Harbor and Petrov Oil Rig entering the mix along with a Ground War map in Verdansk International Airport and Gunfight location in Livestock.

Season 5 goes live on Wednesday, but the update is available for pre-download so players can begin play when it launches at 2 a.m. ET that day.