Crimsix allegedly breaks Gentlemen's Agreement in scrims, community reacts

Photo: Robert Paul for Activision Blizzard

In Call of Duty there is a formality called the Gentlemen's Agreement. If a majority of teams and players agree to not use something in-game, then that's the agreement. Breaking it means breaking your word. This can be anything from not using a weapon to limiting the amount of smokes a player can have.

On July 9 during a scrim, Dallas Empire's Ian "Crimsix" Porter allegedly used ATS, or auto-tactical sprint, which was GA'd by a majority of the group. While some of the reactions were meme-focused, others were more on the nose.

The Royal Ravens' Bradley "wuskin" Marshall certainly didn't appear pleased.

On the side of Crimsix, he has changed his Twitter profile picture to a photo from the CoD Competitive subreddit of him "using ATS." He also responded with the below tweets.

He also took the time to address the subject seriously on the r/codcompetitive subreddit.

Tomorrow marks the start of the New York Subliners home series, so it'll be interesting if any GA's are broken, or if this was an honest one-off.